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Virtual tour of a mangrove forest and bird sanctuary in the Philippines

12 Jun 2020

This virtual tour immerses viewers in the often-forgotten realm of a mangrove forest, exploring Talabong Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park in Bais City lead by local expert Camille Rivera of Marine Conservation Philippines and filmmaker Michael Du.

Documentary makers Michael Du and Justin Davey travelled to the island of Negros Oriental in the Phillippines to meet with community members who are making impressive efforts to protect and restore their mangrove ecosystems, through reforestation projects and sea patrols to deter illegal fishing. The session at GLF Bonn 2020 starts with a short documentary called ‘Hidden Heroes’ showcasing the stories of the unsung heroes at the coalface of this challenging, inglorious and deeply important task.

Publisher: GLF

Language: English

Year: 2020

Location(s): Philippines

biodiversity fishing mangroves restoration