mountain landscape view - Restoration

Niger’s Success Story on Restoration – English version

18 Oct 2017

As part of the AFR100 Annual Partnership Meeting in Niamey, Niger, all participants went on a field trip, visiting two villa...

conference speaker - Knowledge

Keynote: “Love, reason and power” needed to deliver sustainable landscapes

17 Oct 2017

In his keynote address to the Global Landscape Forum on investment in London, James Cameron, Chairman of the Overseas Development Institute and an investor in sustainable farming in Tanzania himself, said the facts – “reason” – were not enough to achieve transformative change in land use. Language that resonates with all stakholders – “love” – […]

AFR100 – Entretien avec les représentants du Cameroun et de Madagascar

12 Oct 2017

Entretiens avec les représentants AFR100 du Cameroun, Christophe Bring et Anicet Nomin, et de Madagascar, Julien Noël Rakotoarisoa. Ces entretiens ont été réalisés pendant la Conférence Annuelle des partenaires AFR100 à Niamey, au Niger, en septembre 2017.

AFR100 – 2nd Conférence Annuelle (temps forts)

12 Oct 2017

La Seconde Conférence Annuelle des Partenaires AFR100 a eu lieu à Niamey, au Niger, du 26 au 28 septembre 2017.

Le succès d’une Restauration au Niger

12 Oct 2017

Dans le cadre de la Seconde Conférence Annuelle des Partenaires AFR100 à Niamey, au Niger, tous les participants sont allés visiter deux villages au Niger pour rencontrer des communautés locales et entendre leur point de vue sur la réussite du programme de restauration au Niger.

sunny mountain landscape - Measuring Progress

VIDEO: Global Landscapes Forum – A ‘wider view’ on our planet’s most pressing issues

11 Oct 2017

How can we feed a growing population without clearing the world’s remaining forests to make way for new farmland? How can we stem the tide of climate change? How can we do these things sustainably while ensuring the inclusion of women, local communities and indigenous people? How can a “landscapes approach” help address these issues? […]

profile shot terry sunderland - Measuring Progress

A short guide to the “landscape approach”

11 Oct 2017

Summary: Terry Sunderland, a scientist with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) explains what a “landscape approach” is — why we need one and what scientists, NGOs and policymakers need to do to start implementing it.

Woman speaking presentation - Rights

Global Landscapes Forum video – Youth: The Future of Sustainable Landscapes

11 Oct 2017

Recorded live at the Youth: The Future of Sustainable Landscapes session held at the Global Landscapes Forum on November 16, 2013 in Warsaw. These speeches and discussions had the goal of bringing together youth and those working with youth in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, conservation, development, industry and/or climate change to highlight issues and possible solutions in […]

Interview with Dr. Horst Freiberg, BMUB, at the AFR100 Second Annual Partnership Meeting

5 Oct 2017

During AFR100 Annual meeting in Niamey, Niger, the GLF team had a chat with Dr. Horst Freiberg, Head of Division of the Forest Division of German Ministry of Environment (BMUB).

Interview with Elvis Paul Tangem, at the AFR100 Second Annual Partnership Meeting

5 Oct 2017

Interview with Elvis Paul Tangem, at the AFR100 Second Annual Partnership Meeting. He is a coordinator for Great Green Wall for the Sahara and Sahel Initiative.