A Just Future: YIL Workshop to help equip a generation of rights champions

As the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation become more complex and intense, it is those most immediately dependent on landscapes and their resources that face the greatest burden.

Promoting a rights-based approach to landscape management will be vital to indigenous groups, youth, women, and local communities, tied to landscape resources determining their own futures.

Together with experts and mentors, 40 outstanding young people will participate in their own workshop before GLF Bonn 2019 on June 20th and 21st to co-create understanding of the intersection of rights and landscapes. Such an understanding can empower young people to create rights literate communities.

This two day workshop, entitled “A Just Future – Social Justice in a Changing Climate” and led by the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL), has a packed agenda that includes exercises, expert exchange, group work, mentor networking, and more.

By engaging in the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about key rights-related issues and current global solutions
  • Understand how climate change affects rights of communities
  • Learn how to adopt a rights-based approach to their work
  • Expand their network, meeting professionals from all over the world
  • Collaborate with existing youth organizations, programs and initiatives
Speakers of Youth Plenary. Photo by Pilar Valbuena/GLF

Equipped with the rights savvy and tools necessary to bring rights based approaches to their work, these future champions will play a central role in the, in which participants will weigh in with experts on the right to a future. This plenary is expected to serve as a platform for the intergenerational dialogue necessary to create transformative change in sustainable development. You can read more about the plenary here.

This YIL workshop on rights is one in a line of youth workshops tied to GLF events that have inspired and built the change making capacity of young people. You can read more about last year’s program on Landscape leadership here.

Written by Sophia Callahan, GLF Trainee