Florent Kaiser – Youth Session opening remarks

7 Dec 2014

Former President of the International Forestry Students Association, Florent Kaiser, delivers opening remarks at the Youth Session from the first day of the Global Landscapes Forum 2014, in Lima, Peru, during COP20. Young people are not given many opportunities to discuss and debate integrated approaches to land use in their studies or workplaces. So CIFOR […]

Gender and resilience across the landscape – from Latin America, Africa and Asia

7 Dec 2014

Watch this discussion forum from the first day of the Global Landscapes Forum 2014, in Lima, Peru, during COP20. Gender concerns are gaining increasing recognition in climate change negotiations. Although women are believed to be more vulnerable to climate change, data on this issue are scarce. Drawing on research on resilience of men and women […]

Concept of “environmental security” guides Peru’s approach to COP

24 May 2014

In his keynote speech at the recent Forests Asia Summit, Peruvian environment minister and UNFCCC COP20 President calls for reframing the role of forests and landscapes in a new climate agreement. Forests and forested landscapes should not only be treated as means to an end based on their carbon mitigation services. He proposes looking at […]

What do we mean by ecological security? A short video about commons, land use and change

22 May 2014

Watch this short video supported by the Elenor Ostrom Award to learn more about ecological security and adaptation to change.    

TEDx Nairobi – Martha Isabel Rui Corzo: A champion in the hills

13 Jan 2014

Martha Isabel Ruiz Corzo is responsible for achieving Biosphere Reserve status for the Sierra Gorda under an exceptional public-private co-management system. Through her work and advocacy, 33 per cent of the State of Querétaro is now protected as a Biosphere Reserve engaging more than 34,000 people in community environmental education programs, solid waste management, soil […]

Reaching the radio men: From climate information to resilience in rural Asia

26 Dec 2013

Across Asia, young people in rural areas are less likely to receive communication on climate change than their urban counterparts. This fact might not seem surprising; after all they’re also less likely to have access to the electricity necessary to power a television. But communication can amplify the voices and actions of innovators in rural […]

Global Landscapes Forum video – Landscapes policy and governance for forestry, agriculture and other land uses

19 Nov 2013

Live recording of the sub-plenary Landscapes policy and governance for forestry, agriculture and other land uses, held during the Global Landscapes Forum in Warsaw. This expert panel discussed the role of government and corporate actors in improving: 1) our understanding of the motivations and activities of the private sector, and 2) emerging public and corporate governance mechanisms and their impacts on […]

How a remote Amazonian state is leading the way in climate change policy

8 Nov 2013

In Brazil’s wild west, a state government is trying to prove that it is possible to safeguard the Amazon – and improve the lives of rural people at the same time. Acre is one of the country’s most remote jurisdictions: the state capital Rio Branco sits on a tributary of a tributary of the Amazon […]