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20 Dec 2017

“Mother nature fought back with hurricanes and floods, yet hope’s upon us”… Erik Solheim’s opening statement at the GLF was like the glimpse of a lighthouse on a stormy sea.

Public engagement in landscapes is pouring in through the event livestreams as participants gain awareness that we’re all sitting in the same boat. Riding that same wave of positive outlook is a small vessel… and I’m on it. We are the “SS Youth in Landscapes” in a sea of news at the Bonn Global Landscapes Forum (GLF). Our course leads us into Facebook, letting it rain down on Twitter and creating a storm of Instagram images and blogs. We are… the GLF Social Reporters.

Getting fellow occupants of this planet involved in the landscapes conversation is of such significance. We learned from each other how to do that sustainably, during our Digital Media Bootcamp prior to the GLF event: Science needs its aficionados in every of its many niches.. This is because our food, our water, the soil we stand on- are all fragile systems within a wider landscape. Trickling down from the scientists working on landscape issues are complex concepts that can be distilled into clear facts by layers of people communicating with each other. This is how we should convey information.

And we are. Targeting subcultures of all kinds in our goal, also we, the GLF Social Reporters want to spread the knowledge. Our amazing array of fifty young social reporters from 33 countries doesn’t shy away from neither the good, nor the bad or the ugly. We’re posting our blogs alright, and it’s being kept nice and spicy up here in the social media room. The floodgate into this sacred refuge of ambient typing noise and whispered discussions is being constantly opened to let new (fact-checked, science approved) news in, and bright-eyed info hunters out.

These people I’m sharing laughs, engagement statistics and updates on the program with are, in my humble opinion, on par with professional reporters. Having a mix of actual science majors, young professionals and communications specialists voluntarily report on the subjects they love, results in engaging content.

Though our personal goals lie in each of our niche interests, pitching the importance of science in whole is our common purpose.

“Connect. Share. Learn. Act.”, is the GLF slogan. And we follow that motto: We connect with the science, learning as we go along. We act by sharing the science through our multiple social media channels. From early in the morning, until deep in the night.

This is a day in the life of the GLF Social Reporters in Bonn.

Blogpost by Anna Ververis – #GLFBonn2017 Social Reporter – Anna Ververis anna.ververis(at)gmail.com
Picture by Pilar Valbuena/GLF

This post is part of the live coverage during the GLF Bonn 2017 Global event. This post is written by one of our social reporters, and represents the author’s views only.

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