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Case studies highlight best practices, critical aspects for using private finance in forest and landscape restoration

11 Dec 2019

How did a community in the Dominican Republic use funds from a goldmine to convert disused sugarcane plantations and degraded farmland into fertile landscapes that benefit the local population? How did a smallholder farmers’ cooperative in Peru learn to process and sell cocoa, creating new income sources while reducing pressure on the rainforest?

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) joins Global Landscapes Forum as Charter Member

4 Dec 2019

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) has joined the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) as a charter member, building momentum towards a more sustainable future by bringing to the forum its 13 members from Latin and North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Forests in Chile to get $63 million boost from Green Climate Fund

20 Nov 2019

Funds to support forest activities involving more than 57,000 people

Where is the capital to restore the world’s degraded landscapes?

18 Nov 2019

Global experts on sustainable finance convene in Luxembourg to find the necessary capital to address threats from climate change, unsustainable land use

Toward a pan-African forest and landscape restoration exchange

16 Nov 2019

South-South exchange serves as accelerator for technical ideas and political engagement

Restoration festival a hit at GLF Accra

11 Nov 2019

For Ghana’s Ashanti people — especially the farmers among them — Asase ye Duru is an important figure: she’s the Earth goddess of fertility.

Online calculator demonstrates how trees improve air quality

7 Nov 2019

Fighting climate change and enhancing communities with trees

Tenure security critical to landscape restoration, livelihoods and fighting climate change: risk expert

28 Oct 2019

Disputes over land ownership and control create uncertainty and drive away investment

Global Landscapes Forum has the ‘Switch’ to turn on mass landscape restoration movement

27 Oct 2019

11-year-old prodigy of the deejay world takes the non-governmental sector by storm

CIFOR-ICRAF scientists on why the U.N. Decade on Ecosystem Restoration matters

25 Oct 2019

From GLF New York: practical ideas for restoring landscapes