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PBL launches new digital experience on the potential of landscape restoration to address global sustainability challenges

30 Jul 2021

Nature-based solutions (NbS) include land restoration actions such as agroforestry, grassland and grazing management, conservation agriculture, etc. that help to protect, restore and/or sustainably manage ecosystems. NbS are now receiving increased attention in the policy space owing to their potential to deliver a multitude of environmental and human well-being benefits and thereby help address many global sustainable development challenges simultaneously.

Agroecology TPP Launch: Reimagining our global food systems

21 Jun 2021

The CFS48 side event on addressing knowledge and implementation gaps constraining agroecological transitions featured a discussion on the political demand for agroecological transformation and publicly launched the Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP) as a response.

Africa’s drylands are getting more support. How to make the most of this

17 Jun 2021

The United Nations (UN) recently launched the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide. It is a response to evidence that our current abuse of nature has accelerated global warming and degraded natural resources to a degree that threatens the wellbeing of people.

Global Landscapes Forum receives 2021 Land for Life Award Special Mention

17 Jun 2021

The Global Landscapes Forum has been awarded a Special Mention of the 2021 Land for Life Award by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) for its efforts to promote sustainable and inclusive landscapes.

African Dryland Fellowship Training conducted for 50 journalists from 23 countries

9 Jun 2021

Global Landscape Forum was conducted by Climate Tracker to help the journalists and freelance writers to conduct their research stories based on African dryland efficiently. The training is a two-week virtual workshop conducted online due to covid-19 restriction; 50 journalists were engaged and the best five participants who cover the African dryland stories were to be given grants to continue further with their stories.

Ambitious $104 million program targets land degradation in Africa and Central Asian countries

9 Jun 2021

The global launch of a $104 million initiative signals an ambitious effort by a range of partners to safeguard drylands in the context of climate change, fragile ecosystems, biodiversity loss, and deforestation in 11 African and Central Asian countries.

Africa’s drylands near tipping point, but local communities could save it, experts say

7 Jun 2021

Nearly half of Africa’s population could face a future of widespread drought, hunger and mass migration due to the effects of climate change – but there is still time to prevent catastrophe by restoring the continent’s drylands, said experts at GLF Africa: Restoring Africa’s Drylands.

¿Es posible restaurar los ecosistemas de Latinoamérica?

5 Jun 2021

En Perú se han identificado 8.2 millones de hectáreas de paisajes degradadas que se deben restaurar, indica el Servicio Nacional Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre (Serfor). De ellas, cerca de 2.3 millones de hectáreas están consideradas como prioridad muy alta para la restauración. Para recuperar estos ecosistemas de urgente atención se han puesto en marcha algunos proyectos de restauración. Uno de ellos es el que se implementa en el Área de Conservación Regional (ACR) Imiría, en Ucayali.

Luxembourg and GLF join forces to mainstream investments for sustainable land use and climate

3 Jun 2021

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) are launching the Luxembourg-GLF Finance for Nature Platform – a partnership to expand the emerging market for global sustainable finance and to promote nature-based solutions to climate change, ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss. The collaboration is initially planned for the period 2021‒2024 and has been launched in the context of the GLF Africa Digital Conference. 

La FAO appelle à accélérer la restauration des forêts et des paysages

2 Jun 2021

Les efforts de restauration des forêts et des paysages dégradés de la planète doivent être intensifiés pour atteindre les objectifs internationaux d'ici à 2030, selon la publication Unasylva de la FAO.