GLF Youth Catalyst Application #4 – Durodola Blessing (Nigeria)

29 Nov 2017

Durodola Blessing, Age 24, Nigeria

Program of Study: Tropical and International Forestry

“Forest destruction is a great threat to the survival of plants, animals and humans which makes protecting and restoring the tropical forest crucial. There is a saying that “the day the last tree dies, the day the last man dies”.

Man’s survival is largely dependent on the normal functioning of the forest ecosystem because the rainforest helps in stabilizing climate, maintaining the water cycle among others.

I am interested in joining forces to save the world and attending the GLF will bring me closer to achieving that because it seeks to unite the world’s major communities for the protection of tropical forests, thus, indirectly saving the World.

I am from a tropical country in which deforestation is the order of the day, attending the GLF will afford me the opportunity to acquire more knowledge from the different organizations through the various sessions on the protection of tropical forests.

**One of the top 10 submissions from our International Students’ Day Special Access Offer**

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