GLF Youth Ambassador Application #17: Abul Bashar Polas (Bangladesh)

1 Dec 2017

My name is Md. Abul Bashar Polas. I am currently a master student in Germany with an academic background in Agriculture economics and environmental sciences. I am profoundly interested getting practical experiences in the field of environmental sustainability and natural resources management.

I am from such a village in Bangladesh where there is no even primary school, higher education institutions is a dream for the villagers. Because of my higher study I had to leave my beautiful village. I was in the village till class ten. During the school life I had to walk around 30 minutes to reach my school which is located in another village.

I am from a very lower middle class family. During my school life I had to cooperate with two of my elder brothers in the rice field. Because of financial crisis it was not possible for my father to hire labor. So in the cultivation period we three brother had to work as family labor. At that time I observed how insecticide and pesticide are using in the crop field to increase the productivity and fertility of the land. Later on I realized it was very much harmful for the environment.

After higher secondary education I took admission in Bangladesh Agricultural University with major Agricultural Economic. My family helped me to take the decision for being an agricultural economist. Bangladesh is an agricultural based country. Most of the people directly and indirectly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. So the knowledge of agricultural economics is very necessary for the illiterate farmers in Bangladesh. They must know what to produce? How to produce? Now a day’s family oriented agriculture is transforming to business agriculture in Bangladesh. Now the questions are they (farmer) have adequate knowledge on water resources, effect of climate, impacts of insecticide and pesticide? So it was the reason to study agricultural economics.

During my Master study in Agricultural Economics I had a module called “Resource and Environmental Economics.” I got my first impression of having environmental science knowledge’s. I realized to study another program which will deal in depth environmental knowledge. I think there is a proportional relationship between agriculture and environment. So I took admission at the University of Cologne in International Environmental Science program.

My current study program has given me multidisciplinary knowledge on climate change, energy and waste management as well as maintaining a relationship between environmental and economic sustainability. During my master study in environmental science I have completed a research study named The Sundarban in Bangladesh-aspects of sustainable management and community involvement at a World Heritage Site. For this research purpose I had to take interview with local people and other stakeholders involved with the world largest mangrove forest in Bangladesh. In this research project I came to know the newly adopted management plan and climate adaption and mitigation program for the sustainable conservation of the forest in Bangladesh. I participated on an International summer school in Egypt, in the first cataract of the Nile. I found the landscape as an unique combination of natural and cultural characteristic with full of resources. This knowledge also motivated me to work for the various environmental boundaries.

I gained high motivation to work for environment and climate change while I was working as a volunteer during the COP 23, UNFCCC Bonn. I got detail knowledge on climate action, loss and damage and climate neutrality as well.

In the year 2017 it is very easy to involve myself into the social media. For the well being of social media the world is now a very small planet. I obviously involve some activities in social media and I would like to be involved further more. I am registered for email notification with several organizations. I am immediately available in cell phone, messenger, viber, imo, whatsapp, and email.

In future I would like to finish my higher study in environmental science first. After my study I like to back to my homeland. I like to help the illiterate farmer in my country. Around 38 percent population in Bangladesh is illiterate. Another important issue is around 17 percent forest in Bangladesh which should be at least 25 percent of total area of any country. So environmental management, conservation of nature is now very essential. I like to spread my knowledge for the sustainable development of Bangladesh.

The GLF Youth Ambassador Program is a nice platform where I can put my theoretical knowledge and that will produce as experience and contribution to the nations and next generations.

Name, nationality and age: Md. Abul Bashar Polas, Bangladesh, 28
Gender: Male
Country in which you currently live: Germany
Which organization you work for, or which university you study at: University of Cologne (Germany)
Your mother tongue: Bengali
Other languages you are fluent in: English (fluent), German (basic), Hindi (basic)

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