GLF Youth Ambassador Application #20: Biplabi (Nepal)

1 Dec 2017

Being born in a hilly village of Nepal, I have always seen my mother collecting fuel wood, grasses and medicinal herbs from forests. I enjoyed accompanying her to the nearby river and streams to fetch water for our daily needs. The beauties of those hills and mountains always lured me. I had an impact on my immature child mind that landscapes are inseparable part of our life.

Growing up as a teenager, I realized that something in those landscapes was changing. Water sources were drying and we had to walk miles more to collect water for drinking. Our medicinal herbs from forests were replaced by expensive tablets. Now, we paid for artificial fodder supplements for animals. I no more enjoyed walking in those hills because they suffered from landslides and droughts. I wanted to change everything that was happening but didn’t know “How”.

In high school, I came to know the technical reasons behind those changes happening in nature around me. Then I felt a passion for forestry and I got enrolled in B.Sc forestry. This decision of mine was a turning point in my life. Then, my interest, passion and career perfectly aligned with each other. I managed to perform very well with my grades and for this I was awarded medal from then President of Nepal. Along with the prestige of that award came a huge responsibility. I realized myself being more sensitive and responsible towards the issues related to nature management. This responsibility could only be fulfilled with a platform which could give me an outlook of the possible solutions in nature management. With the Erasmus mundus scholarship I got an opportunity to study a double degree program in renowned Universities of UK and Germany. Now, I am shaping myself to become capable of fulfilling my responsibility.

Pursing Master’s degree in Bangor University gave me a great insight into how simple initiatives can transform lives of the rural people. There, I came vis-à-vis with use of social media in the field of conservation, management and Planning. Then, I realized how much these aspects of using social media are being underrated in my country Nepal. Now, I am totally motivated in learning how to use social media for the management, marketing and planning of natural resources and as a whole landscape of Nepal.

Name: Biplabi
Nationality: Nepalese
Age: 25
Email address:
Gender: female
Country in which I currently live: Germany
University: University of Goettingen
Mother Tongue: Nepalese
Other languages: English (C1), Hindi (C1), German (A1).

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