The GLF Youth Ambassadors are now selected!

18 Dec 2017

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) is committed to taking every possible opportunity to integrate youth in its activities, providing mentorship, training, volunteering/internship projects and connecting them to our global community.

In early November, we published our call for one of our youth programs: the GLF Youth Ambassadors. This program allows youth to partner with us in an extensive internship, training and mentoring project on how to use online media strategically and professionally.

Our goal is to gather a core group of young people who love telling good stories and sharing pertinent information with their networks, and who are passionate about sustainable development and the environment.

Our mentoring and training program starts with a five day Digital Media Bootcamp at the GLF Bonn Global Event in Bonn, and will continue with virtual mentoring sessions throughout 2018.

While participation in the Bootcamp is free for all, we introduced a special youth sponsoring program, where we fund the travel and accommodation for 10 selected candidates — specifically targeted at foreign students and young professionals already resident in the EU, either working or studying.

For this sponsorship program, we received 25 excellent applications. To show these candidates were well versed in activating their own networks — a key criteria to become a GLF Youth Ambassador — they needed to rally people to leave a comment on their application. This system of public voting formed the basis of the first selection.

Once they passed the first selection, a jury selected the final 10 sponsored candidates, based on their motivation, storytelling skills presented in their application blogpost and background.

It is now our honour to introduce our 10 sponsored GLF Youth Ambassadors:

Beyond these, we also have a list of 35 (and growing) candidates to join our virtual mentoring program in 2018.

We welcome these youth in our program and wish them all an active and inspiring project — both at the bootcamp in Bonn, as well as throughout 2018.



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