Host your #GLFKyoto2019 Watch Party

29 Apr 2019

How to host a #GLFKyoto2019 ‘Watch Party’ in six steps


Host your very own Global Landscapes Forum watch party from your home, office, university or community center. We’ve prepared this step-by-step guide to help you create the right atmosphere, inspire discussion and build your very own change-making community.

The Kyoto 2019 Digital Edition, An Online Gathering for Climate and Landscapes is a 24-hour series of video addresses and live discussions centered around landscape solutions. Tune in to watch inspirational video addresses and discover creative solutions to climate change.

We are inviting you, your friends, family, colleagues and communities to join thousands of others in watching the Digital Edition starting 12 May.

The program will take place in three acts over 24 hours so make sure to check the time zones and the topics, and then decide which Acts  you would to tune into.

  • Act I: Video series from inspiring leaders on climate, landscapes, lifestyles and rights. Each session is followed by a live Q+A with very special guests.
  • Act II:  GLF Kyoto 2019 broadcast live from Kyoto, Japan
  • Act III: Discussion forums broadcast live from seven countries around the world


Step-By-Step Guide to Organizing A #GLFKyoto2019 Watch Party


  1. Food – What is a party without refreshments? Encourage guests to bring something to share.
  2. Create the right atmosphere – Make sure everyone feels comfortable. Try leading some ice breaking exercises.
  3. Check-in – Climate change is not an easy topic. Create a moment where  everyone can reflect on current events.
  4. Watch GLF Kyoto Digital EditionFind your seat, get comfortable, and open your mind to a 24-hour climate action experience packed with inspiring content. Share your thoughts with your social media followers using our easy toolkit.
  5. Check-out Take a few minutes to talk about what you have seen, what worked for you, what didn’t work for you and what inspired you most to take action.
  6. What next? Don’t let the experience end. Brainstorm how you can use your energy and ideas to help build a more sustainable world.

Learn more about the Digital Edition of GLF Kyoto 2019 here.

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