Calling all young leaders: Join our training and short course!

14 Feb 2018

What is it?

‘Youth Across Sectors to Halt Deforestation’ is our training held in Rome on February 19th prior to the International Conference on Deforestation (Feb 20-22nd). This workshop is led by the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA), in cooperation with the Global Landscapes Forum and the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, and will engage and integrate young people into global efforts to halt deforestation by 2020.

What are the session objectives?

Designed by youth for youth, we’re bridging the wide gap between global agendas and the realities of young people. The workshop and activities will:

  • Train participants on needed skills for today’s global environment and incoming professionals.
  • Clearly communicate complicated global agendas and their relevance to young people.
  • Map out concrete activities and projects for youth action towards a better planet.
  • Produce content for our 5 day “short-course on halting deforestation.” 

Who can attend?

50 students and young professionals from across sectors – agriculture, forestry, geography, agro-ecology, climate policy, and more – have been selected to attend in person.

Hundreds will be joining us online and we invite you to take part in the training! Check out the agenda for the day

How can you participate online?

Sessions will be live-streamed on the FAO website beginning Monday while educational content for our “short course” will be posted every day, starting Tuesday, on the IFSA site.

What is the online short-course?

Take less than 15 minutes a day for 5 days and become an expert!

Well, maybe not an expert, but our short-course will introduce you to the key drivers of deforestation, policy challenges, and solutions for a way forward. We’ll produce brief, essential materials (videos, blogs, articles) to share what’s happening on the ground throughout the International Conference on Deforestation (see session plans here).

After Day 1 of Introduction, the following 4 Lessons mirror the conference themes and contain content from sessions hosted by a variety of international organizations (NASA, World Bank, CIFOR, IUFRO, etc.).

Lesson 1: Introduction: Time to act!  

Tuesday- Feb 20

Why halt deforestation? What is causing deforestation? What global action is being taken?

Lesson 2: The Landscape Approach 

Wednesday – Feb 21

What is integrated landscape management and how can we utilize this tool to optimize long-term benefits to people?

Lesson 3: Sustainable Production and Value Chains

Thursday – Feb 22

Let’s take a look at commodities – products and goods produced from the land. What role do corporations and small-scale producers play?  

Lesson 4: Governance and Smart Policies

Friday – Feb 23

What does good governance look like for land-based sectors? What instruments and policies are needed?

Lesson 5: How do we ‘upscale’ solutions?

Saturday – Feb 24

We have solutions and best-practices but how do we accelerate this progress? What role does finance, technology, and research play?

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