GLF Youth Catalyst Application #2 – Lilian Daphine Lunyolo (Uganda)

29 Nov 2017

Lilian Daphine Lunyolo, Age 23, Uganda

Program of Study: Integrated Water Resources Management

“I hail from a country that was once declared the Pearl of Africa. A naturally endowed country with many water sources, very good weather, accessible landscape to mention but a few. Unfortunately, our green cover is rapidly decreasing every year that goes by. It is said to be at 8% now with very little effort to restore it.

The natives seek to provide for their needs in the face of a growing population, famine, unemployment and a general change in priorities. The continued deforestation is justifiable with explanations like; we need food and survival.

However, as a passionate Environmentalist, I would like to learn from others what measures have been taken in their countries. It’s my dream to be part of the change; the implementation strategies that will reclaim the Pearl of Africa.

Therefore, I seek the opportunity to attend the Global Landscapes Forum because I believe that I will get to listen and learn from many and I will be set to implement reclamation strategies back at home.”

**One of the top 10 submissions from our International Students’ Day Special Access Offer** 


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