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Meet the GLF Social Media Ambassadors for 2023

22 Feb 2023

In today’s hyper-connected world, social media has become a powerful platform for communicating with a global audience. However, if we want to create a more inclusive and equitable online community, it is critical that diverse voices are given a platform to be heard and amplified.

To amplify our representation of diverse voices on sustainable landscapes, the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) has recently announced its fourth annual cohort of social media ambassadors. These volunteers, aged between 18 and 35, will create, adapt, and disseminate compelling content on the various issues discussed at GLF events and campaigns through their personal social media platforms. In doing so, they will work closely with prominent environmental organizations.

With a record-breaking number of applications – over 1700 – from around the world in 2023, the Social Media Ambassadors program continues to grow. This year, 45 motivated environmental influencers were chosen to support the organization’s campaigns and events, and co-create content about their preferred topics. The group collectively speaks 10 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesian, Swahili, Hindi, Pashto, and Arabic.

The GLF Social Media Ambassadors for 2023 represent over 28 countries.

Each ambassador brings their unique perspective and experience to this global network of environmental influencers.

“My interest in participating in the GLF Social Media Ambassadors program is to decode scientific knowledge for non-specialized audiences so that they can understand the importance of investing in sustainable development,” said ambassador Ingrid Ferreira, a chemical engineer and science communicator from Brazil.

Other ambassadors, such as Rowan Elmahdy, who explained the effects of climate change and the importance of the discussions held at COP27, share scientific content in Arabic through TikTok.

“I am passionate about educating people (especially youth) about the injustices – and also the opportunities – that exist in food production in Africa,” said ambassador Aimée Wallin, who comes from Ghana and aims to showcase her continent’s rich crop diversity –and especially to build awareness of species such as fonio, tiger nut, baobab, and moringa. “I would like to spread knowledge about these crops and their potential to feed us in the future,” she said

The program provides significant opportunities for professional growth, networking opportunities, experience gathering, connection building, visibility, and learning by doing. “Becoming a GLF Social Media Ambassador [will] definitely open a huge door for me to learn more on the issues around landscapes sustainability,” said ambassador Thomas Benmetan from Indonesia. “I firmly believe that to learn means to share.”

Museza Cikuru is a journalist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who’s dedicated to shining a light on the realities of climate change.

Bianca Malfert represented Bolivia as a young delegate at the UN Conference of Youth (COY) 2022.

The ambassadorship, which is a virtual program that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, not only provides educational and advocacy opportunities, but also offers a global platform for young people in a variety of settings and situations. “I have many limitations and no right to go to school or do any other work or activity: raising my voice and the voices of other women and girls through social media is the only thing I can do for myself, my people, and my country,” said ambassador Kamila Ahmadi, a university student and women’s rights activist from Afghanistan.

The ambassadors aim to inform, inspire, and mobilize young people in their own networks and contexts on sustainable landscapes. “I am sure that change is in action: taking advantage of digital spaces is a new way to change the world,” said ambassador Bianca Malfert from Bolivia.

This year’s program kicked off with a virtual boot camp that brought together the volunteers and the GLF team. The ambassadors bonded and networked, while getting an exclusive sneak peek of the lineup of events and campaigns planned for the year.

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Kamila Ahmadi (Afghanistan), Oumbouke Genevieve (Benin), Bianca Malfert Gutierrez (Bolivia), Layla Jusko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ingrid Ferreira Costa (Brazil), Juliana Diógenes (Brazil), Bruna Tabajara Brilmann (Brazil), Zoungrana Nouhou (Burkina Faso), Apsana Kafle (Nepal), Lucy Binfield (Canada), Barbara Astudillo (Chile), Catalina Reyes (Colombia), Museza Cikuru (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Rowan Elmahdy (Egypt), Sulayman Ceesay (Gambia), Evelyn Addor (Ghana), Aimée Wallin (Ghana), Ajay Sawant (India), Ayadi Mishra (India), Pranav Gaba (India), T.K. Smitha (India), Thomas Benmetan (Indonesia), Riska Ayu Purnamasari (Indonesia), Muhammad Andi (Indonesia), Laura Katherine Nainggolan (Indonesia), Lily Tanui (Kenya), Marion Mithamo (Kenya), Yeshna Dindoyal (Mauritius), Enomfon Akpan (Nigeria), Oluwaseun Ajani (Nigeria), Lucky Abeng (Nigeria), Bukola Ogunyemi (Nigeria), Lizet Mejía (Peru), Helene Uzayisenga (Rwanda), Uzman Unis Bah (Sierra Leone), Shamim Shalmah (Tanzania), Ainomugisha Mercy (Uganda), Jonah Kirabo (Uganda), Arinaitwe Hedwig (Uganda), Culton Scovia Nakamya (Uganda), Ailish Craig (United Kingdom), Lorena James (United States of America), Liana Malva (Venezuela), Diana Tsitsi Harahwa (Zimbabwe). 

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