PBL launches new digital experience on the potential of landscape restoration to address global sustainability challenges

30 Jul 2021

Nature-based solutions (NbS) include land restoration actions such as agroforestry, grassland and grazing management, conservation agriculture, etc. that help to protect, restore and/or sustainably manage ecosystems. NbS are now receiving increased attention in the policy space owing to their potential to deliver a multitude of environmental and human well-being benefits and thereby help address many global sustainable development challenges simultaneously.

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has launched a new platform and digital experience bringing to life the results of a recent global land-use scenarios study, which also serves as a central component of the Global Land Outlook report (2nd edition).

By showcasing the three global land-use scenarios up unto 2050 that are detailed in the study (business-as-usual scenario, restoration scenario and restoration & protection scenario), the platform highlights the importance and potential of the application of landscape restoration measures in tackling land degradation challenges including water scarcity, biodiversity loss and climate change challenges The intention is to inspire decision-makers to take action and start applying NbS in their countries and regions towards the restoration of degraded land which can help to safeguard natural resources, boost agricultural productivity and mitigate climate change.

Alongside a deeper digital dive into the land-use scenarios, the platform also provides more detail into the different types of nature-based solutions that can be used in land restoration and how they work. On-the-ground restoration stories are also a highlight of the new site, where readers are taken on a journey across different countries and regions – from the mountains of Sardinia, the grasslands of Mexico to the Páramos of Mexico and the forests of the Congo – where different NbS can be seen in action addressing the various landscape challenges that humanity faces.

Join us on this digital experience and let your landscape restoration journey unfold!


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