Want to be a social reporter at the Global Landscapes Forum?

30 Aug 2013

Through our past conferences, we have been able to build a dynamic group of excited and inspiring social reporters supporting our causes. Some of these are professional social media coordinators working for nonprofit organisations, and many are young volunteers.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic social reporting team for the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), we have two options for you: You can either join our online group of social media volunteers, or take part through our social media bootcamp.


Option 1: Join our social reporters volunteering team

This team is a mixture of professionals and young volunteers. Some work for the organisations who are part of the Global Landscapes Forum’s organizers, some work for our partners or other organisations. Most of our social reporters, though, are social media enthusiasts, who contribute to our social media outreach through their own networks.

Some of our volunteers are present at the forum itself, but most are supporting us remotely in various social media activities, ranging from writing or editing blogposts, uploading videos and pictures, spreading different content pieces via Twitter, Facebook,..

The social reporters coordinate their activities via a Google Group discussion forum, and have already started their work for the upcoming GLF. Each contributes whatever they can into the discussions, dependent on their time availability, expertise and eagerness…

The real exciting part is “while doing, we learn”: having such a large and diverse social reporting team, gives us a wealth of experience, which allows our social reporters to learn from each other.

You don’t have to fulfill any criteria to be part of our social reporting team, other than being enthusiastic about our causes: sustainable development, food security through a balance between natural resources, agriculture and forestry, climate change and adaptation,…

Interested? Send our social media coordinator an email: Peter Casier – p.casier(at)cgiar(dot)org And we’ll plug you into our team!

For those social reporters who will be attending the GLF, we organise a free social reporting induction course on November 15th , at the conference venue in Warsaw. During this induction course, you’ll learn the basics of using social media as an outlet for social reporting.
Interested? Email Peter Casier – p.casier(at)cgiar(dot)org

Option 2: Join our Social Media Boot camp

If, on the other hand, you are an experienced social media professional, managing the social media outreach for a non-profit organisation, you’ll interested in delving deeper into the use of social media and social reporting for nonprofit causes.

Then, we invite you to join the GLF Social Media Boot Camp organised by CGIAR (the Global Agricultural Research Partnership) in cooperation with The Global Landscapes Forum.

This boot camp is open for the key social media coordinators from non-profit organisations and institutes. The boot camp will combine “the theory” with “the practice” of social media and social reporting, during a six-day hands-on training exercise. It will include:

  • A three days hands-on workshop covering a wide range of practical topics: from technical tools, strategy development to a train-the-trainers exercise.
  • Learning in practice how to organise and train a team of social reporters.
  • Two days of live exercise, organising and managing the social reporting of a major COP19 side event: the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF).

The COP19 Social Media Boot Camp program

The boot camp will be an extensive six days hands-on training program with the following components:

  • Part 1: Sept-Oct (online): Virtual preparation
    During this period, we will gather all participants into a virtual working group. This online team will collaboratively identify and refine the boot camp topics, sharing the moderation and facilitation tasks. This phase will be the virtual preparation of the actual boot camp.
  • Part 2: Nov 12-13-14 (Warsaw): 3 day intensive workshop

    • Overview of the social media tools constellation;
    • How to define an online media strategy;
    • Hands-on case studies of social media outreach, and outreach projects. Learn from those experiences;
    • In depth coverage of technical tools to manage and optimize social media outlets;
    • Social media metrics for “Return on Investment”, and measurement of reach and impact (statistics);
    • And more… The participants will identify other topics during the preparation of the boot camp.
  • Part 3: Nov 15 (Warsaw): Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Social Reporters training:
    A one day social reporting training, given by the boot camp participants, for the GLF social reporters. This is the practical part of the “train-the-trainers” program.
  • Part 4: Nov 16-17 (Warsaw): the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) social reporting:
    Two days hands-on social reporting from the GLF event. During this exercise, the boot camp participants will both guide the social reporters as well as generate social media content themselves (and be a social reporter themselves, for their own organisation).

This Social Media boot camp is not for the faint of heart. To keep the group uniform in terms of experience and expertise, each participant has to respond to some basic selection criteria:

  1. Work for a non-profit organisation or an educational institute
  2. Manage a social media team or coordinate the social media outreach for an organisation
  3. Proven expertise/experience with at least five social media outlets
  4. Be able and willing to participate in the entire six day exercise, including the actual social reporting exercise at the GL

The cost for bootcamp participation (excluding travel, hotel, meals, and daily allowances) amounts to US$1,400/participant.

For more information on the bootcamp, check the details on the CGIAR website

For more information or applications for the bootcamp, email Peter Casier – p.casier(at)cgiar(dot)org. In your email, please specify the organisation/institute you work for, your social media outlets/expertise.

For information leading up to COP19, follow @GlobalLF and #GLFCOP19 on Twitter and GlobalLandscapesForum on Facebook

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