Youth in Landscapes Finance workshop

23 Sep 2019

Youth in Landscapes Finance Workshop

Thursday, November 29th – NOVOTEL Luxembourg Kirchberg

If you are a workshop participant, get ready for the workshop by taking a 2-hour short course about investing in innovation for sustainable landscapes!

Download our interactive PowerPoint and learn more about sustainable finance HERE

About the workshop

People and the global economy need healthy and restored landscapes to thrive. Nowadays, several initiatives around the world, both at local and regional levels, are aimed to restore and protect ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots, as well as tackle the impacts of climate change. Eagerness for restoring the Earth is granted, but funding and investments might be limited.

To reduce this gap, the Youth in Landscape Initiative (YIL), together with the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) and Wageningen University and Research (WUR), have designed a skill-building workshop that will guide participants in the world of Sustainable Finance

This experience will help participants develop their skills to build a business plan, tailor it to funding opportunities, and pitching their ideas. 

In particular, the workshop will cover:

  • practical suggestions to find your way in the world of finance;
  • specific strategies to seek and reach fund sources;
  • practical advice on developing funding request proposals;

The workshop will be followed by the GLF Luxembourg event on 30 November 2019, during which participants will have opportunities to interact with finance experts in a variety of ways, such as attending a Dragons’ Den, joining smaller settings through a World Café session, or learning about new and emerging funds that are incubated by Luxembourg’s International Climate Finance Accelerator.


  • Get a deeper understanding of Sustainable Finance
  • Improve skills on developing effective business ideas
  • Provide useful tips to overcome common mistakes in applying for funding.


  • Young project leaders championing sustainable development in various sectors
  • Young professionals related to forestry, agriculture, agroecology and conservation
  • Young leaders from the finance sector (young bankers, fund managers, etc)


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