Landscape Talks

Landscape Talks are 7-minute talks delivered by experts and leaders in their field. Explore evidence-based research, scientific progress and innovation all related to landscape restoration and climate change.


25 Jun 2019

Rights-based Technology Applications – Landscape Talk GLF Bonn 2019

  In this GLF Bonn 2019 Landscape Talk, Frank Pichel of the Cadasta Foundation discusses how the application of simple-to-use technology...

24 Jul 2019

Activism in the Age of Climate Collapse

In this landscape talk at GLF Bonn 2019, Malik Tabrizi Dasoo, co-founder of the Wageningen chapter of Extinction Rebellion, talks about...

24 Jul 2019

Breaking the Ice and Melting the Poles – Talking Climate

We can’t take action on climate change unless we talk about it- so how can we get people talking about something...

24 Jul 2019

Indigenous voices, a policy spark to protect the world’s forests

Learn more: Lecture Paper In this Landscape Talk, UNDP Senior Policy Advisor Josep Gari speaks how development policy stands to benefit...

Smart Technologies Forest Smart – Paola Agostini

21 Dec 2017

When you look at a forest what do you see?...

Lessons learnt from Peru to Papua New Guinea – Hannah Peck

21 Dec 2017

Cool Earth has been trialling methods of direct giving to...