Designing Blended Learning Courses for Landscape Professionals

As we adapt teaching pedagogy and training methods to meet the rigours of both online and offline learning, now more than ever new approaches to landscape learning are necessary. The landscape approach is one such approach that offers new opportunities to think about the complex relationships that exist within a landscape. To align with this approach, educators must aim to develop themselves into learning professionals, and in doing so fulfill three main roles interacting with stakeholders, learners, and media. With this mindset, trainers, facilitators, educators, and above all learning professionals, must be able to design and implement blended learning courses. Blended learning courses are dynamic and aim to not only combine online and offline learning but encompass different learning methods in order to best satisfy each individual’s learning need through careful planning and delivery of learning pathways.
This blended learning toolkit offers the groundwork, and four accompanying phases to guide learning professionals in designing their own blended learning courses.

Author: Global Landscapes Forum

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum

Language: English

Year: 2022

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