How to share knowledge at the GLF?

Enhancing Sustainable Landscapes through Knowledge Sharing


At the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), diverse stakeholders collaborate on sustainable landscape management. Our platform accelerates learning, fosters innovation, and promotes collaboration through vibrant events and co-creation opportunities.

Explore our extensive array of knowledge products, including research papers, case studies, policy briefs, and toolkits, designed to empower stakeholders with actionable insights and tools for informed decision-making. Engage with us in co-creation opportunities, where stakeholders collaboratively develop practical solutions tailored to address landscape challenges.

We are committed to promoting knowledge dissemination through various channels, including social media, newsletters, interactive pages, and news articles, ensuring that insights on sustainable landscape management reach a global audience.

Discover more about GLF’s partnerships, events, knowledge sharing initiatives, and become a part of our global community dedicated to shaping a sustainable future.



Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)

Language: English

Year: 2023

Ecosystem(s): Agricultural Land

Location(s): Africa, Asia, Global, Latin America

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