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Humanity is facing a barrage of interconnected crises: climate change, conflict, hunger, high inflation, and the enduring impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From heatwaves to hurricanes, fires to floods, the effects of the climate crisis are already being felt across the globe. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine is causing energy prices to spiral and exposing our addiction to fossil fuels. So, what can we do now to avoid a total climate catastrophe? 

Hosted digitally and in Sharm El Sheikh alongside COP27GLF Climate 2022: Frontiers of Change seeks answers on how to build a low-carbon economy that puts people and nature first. Across 47 plenaries, interactive sessions, launches, and more, leading scientists, activists, Indigenous leaders, financiers, youth, and policymakers piece together the climate puzzle.


Ecosystem restoration on the ground


GLFx Porto-Novo in Benin, is part of the GLF’s Sahel Chapter Network, supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation (RBSG). GLFx Porto-Novo carries out activities with the local community and beyond.  From awareness-raising campaigns to training, advocacy, and radio programs, they are seeking to tackle challenges brought by climate change, while protecting their landscape.

Follow the change makers who are taking part in some of the reforestation and awareness campaigns against poaching, wood cutting, and other illegal extractive activities in Benin. Our tour guides invite local youth and women to join tree-planting activities and create advocacy for ecosystem restoration.

Benin virtual tour

Language: English

Year: 2022

Ecosystem(s): Forests

Location(s): Africa, Benin

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