Various solutions to land restoration exist already. What is needed is upscaling through education, partnerships and sustainable business models to move from pledges to implementation to tackle the grand challenge of land restoration globally. The private sector has financial resources for scaling up land restoration. What is vital is that business professionals are educated about the importance of healthy ecosystems / sustainable business models; and that environmental professionals are aware of the valuable contribution businesses and business model thinking can make. Through its MOOC on Business Model Innovation for Land Restoration, ENABLE, the European network for the advancement of business & landscape education, aims to inspire thousands of business and environmental students and professionals who are the leaders of today and tomorrow driving land restoration and sustainable land management. The ENABLE project is able to foster learning and knowledge sharing through its public, private and non-profit partners providing various resources and knowledge, and its mission of providing high quality open access education platforms. This is done by developing various education tools that are educating students and professionals about 4 returns thinking: a business model can only be healthy if it delivers 4 returns – return of financial capital, return of natural capital, return of social capital and return of inspiration.

Eva Rood and Simon Moolenaar – The joys of developing transdisciplinary landscape education

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