Avoiding a tipping point in the Amazon requires safeguarding connected landscapes through an integrated approach that includes the conservation of key species and their habitats. This session hones in on four such approaches: maintaining free flowing rivers, conserving river dolphins and jaguars as an indicator of healthy and connected freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems respectively, and developing Indigenous economies and enterprises. The session features leading youth representatives from Indigenous groups and the government and private sectors. These panelists provide a fresh perspective on solutions needed to avoid a dangerous tipping point, develop recommendations for decision makers and identify opportunities to strengthen synergies among key stakeholders aiming to improve joint efforts in the Amazon.

Showcasing Solutions for the Amazon: Voices from Youth on Key Strategies to Avoid Crossing a Tipping Point

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)

Language: English

Year: 2021

Ecosystem(s): Forests

Location(s): Latin America

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