About GLF Climate 2021


Hosted digitally and in Glasgow alongside COP26, the GLF Climate 2021 hybrid conference made a unanimous call for ambitious, concrete action to stop the climate crisis.

Attended by 4,386 digital participants from 145 countries, along with 481 in-person participants at the University of Glasgow, the event featured 400 leading scientists, activists, Indigenous leaders, financiers, youth, and government leaders.

Across 67 plenaries, interactive sessions, launches, and climate talks, GLF Climate: Forests, Food, Finance – Frontiers of Change explored the potential of three key climate solutions: forest restoration, resilient food systems, and sustainable finance. Messages spread on social media rallied 41.34 million people around concrete ways to address the climate emergency as quickly as possible.


About the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs)


To address the joint challenges of climate change and the decline of our natural ecosystems, it is crucial that we take swift, collaborative action on the ground, to restore our landscapes, engaging the local communities to help build ownership, resilience and prosperity.

In this session we focus on three key areas:

  1. Some of the key challenges in scaling community centric landscape restoration and how LENs can help overcome these.
  2. Perspectives from key organizations across business, farming, regulatory and civil society, explaining the drivers and benefits to engaging in LENs programmes.
  3. Key insights and learnings drawn from LENs programmes, on multifunctional outcomes, scaling and replication.

The session concludes with an exciting announcement regarding the next steps in the LENs journey.

Understanding and leveraging business interests to Accelerate Landscape Restoration

Language: English

Year: 2021

Ecosystem(s): Agricultural Land

Location(s): Global

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