The Bioeconomy concept emerged in recent years as a silver bullet to halt deforestation, promote economic growth and reduce poverty in the Amazon. Despite this enthusiasm, there is little clarity about what exactly bioeconomy means. In this session, we invite voices from across the Amazonian region to reflect with us, including representatives from Indigenous communities, youth, entrepreneurs, academics and policymakers. Is there in fact one Amazonian bioeconomy? What are the most effective paths to promote socioenvironmental development in the Amazon?

What Does “Bioeconomy” Mean?

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)

Language: English

Year: 2021

Ecosystem(s): Forests, Agricultural Land

Location(s): Latin America

  • CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA)

  • Brazilian Coalition on Climate Forest and Agriculture

  • Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD)

  • Amazon Concertation

  • International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)

  • Ivaneide Bandeira Cardozo

    Leader, Kanindé Ethno-environmental Defense Association

  • José Neto

    Founder, influencer Ygarapé, Ygarapé

  • Karina Pinasco

    Executive Director, Amazónicos por Amazonía (AMPA)

  • Noelia Trillo

    CEO, Forest Bambu

  • Angélica Rojas

    Coordinadora regional, Fundación Para La Conservación Y Desarrollo Sostenible (FCDS) los departamentos de Meta y Guaviare

  • Roberto Waack

    President, Uma Concertação pela Amazônia, Coalizão Brasil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura

  • Danilo Fernandes

    Professor e Pesquisador, Núcleo de Altos Estudos Amazônicos (Naea), Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA)

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