Challenging conversation: finance and the transition to sustainable commodity production

3 Jul 2020

This session will confront big ideas for shifting commodity production to more sustainable and safer alternatives. Two experts will draw lessons from examples of UNEP’s recent work in Cote d’Ivoire and Indonesia, as well as recent analysis of the economics of sustainable coffee cultivation in Vietnam and sustainable beef production in Costa Rica. They will […]

For peat’s sake: why we must protect peatlands (Full english version)

2 Jul 2020

The edges of peatlands, often along rivers, have a long history of human settlement. While a challenging place to live, peatlands provide a range of products and income sources. As awareness rises about their carbon-sequestration abilities, so does the push to protect peatlands from degradation and ensure that local communities have viable options for livelihoods […]

The role of stories in the time of crises

2 Jul 2020

The point has been made that the most distinguishing factor of humans from other species is that we tell stories. We tell stories to remember the past, understand the present and divine the future. Stories underpin systems – belief, political, economic. They are the foundation of our relationships, experiences, self-understanding, communities and populations. This learning […]

Q&A Session: How to improve smallholders’ access to finance in sustainable farming systems?

2 Jul 2020

A Q&A session from the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance on how to improve smallholders’ access to finance in sustainable farming systems On June 3rd, Climate Policy Initiative Senior Analysts Daniela Chiriac and Tatiana Alves will answer questions about how to improve smallholders’ access to finance in sustainable farming systems. They lead the Global […]

How do we feed the world without eating the planet?

30 Jun 2020

  There is currently no legal definition of what ‘sustainable food’ is, although terms like ‘organic’ or ‘fair trade’ are more defined, and come with their own certification systems, compared to others like agroecology, permaculture or ‘climate-smart’. Is sustainable food the same for everyone around the world? How is a living and thriving planet associated […]

The world’s strongest vegan challenges humanity’s eating habits

30 Jun 2020

Patrik Baboumian is a world record breaking Armenian German strongman competitor, strength athlete, vegan activist and former bodybuilder. He was named Germany’s Strongest Man in 2011, the same year he decided to go from a vegetarian diet to a completely plant-based regime. Since going vegan he has broken several world strength records, racked up victories […]

Forest frontiers: safeguarding forests for sustainable food and livelihoods

30 Jun 2020

At the frontiers of our forests, where agricultural expansion is driving fragmentation and deforestation, ecosystems are disappearing at an alarming speed – compromising biodiversity as well as the livelihoods and food security of local communities. At GLF Bonn 2020, the BirdLife Partnership shared ways to secure forests that also impact positively on local communities. Originally […]

Securing food and nutrition in a time of crisis: the role of forests, trees and agroforestry

29 Jun 2020

Forests, trees and agroforestry provide critical contributions to food security and nutrition which are ever more important in times of crisis, such as the one we are living now. This session at GLF Bonn 2020 examines the roles these vital natural resources play in creating more resilient and stable food systems and households. Originally titled […]

Solutions for Resilience – How are Forest and Farm Producer Organizations and Smallholders responding to COVID-19?

26 Jun 2020

Smallholder Forest and Farm Producer Organizations (FFPOs) from across the globe will share the innovative solutions they are implementing in response to the COVID-19 crisis to build more resilient communities. For example, the pandemic has put a strain on forests as places of leisure and refuge from urban life, increased pressure on ecosystem preservation services, […]

Using big data to monitor land use for healthy forests and food production

26 Jun 2020

The land use sector plays an important role in achieving a more sustainable future as forests are key to climate change mitigation, and food production must be ensured for a growing population. This session at GLF Bonn 2020 discusses the role of data in achieving transformational change towards more sustainable and climate friendly food systems. […]