Virtual Tour: Journey to the Drylands of East Africa, the Last Lands of Eden

25 Jun 2021

Take a virtual trip to the great savanna lands of East Africa—cradle of humankind, home to traditional nomadic pastoralists, and last refuge of some of the most spectacular wildlife populations on earth. Join experts from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), including rangelands specialist Fiona Flintan, ecosystem ecologist Jason Sircely and gender scientist Renee Bullock, […]

Biodiversity for Resilience: Harnessing Crops’ Potential for Drylands Restoration and Climate Change Adaptation

24 Jun 2021

The session explores the power and potential of crop diversity through two lenses: the scientific and the gastronomic. Two panels will include experts working on resilient, drought-resistant crops on the African continent, as well as under-utilized crops, tropical forages, and food trees with potential to restore drylands (predominantly in the Sahel). The session also includes […]

Untapped Potential: The Importance of African Genebanks in Ensuring Food Security across the Continent

24 Jun 2021

The focus of this GLF launchpad event is to highlight the critical importance of genebanks in Africa, their role in ensuring food security, and the challenges they currently face. COVID-19 has exposed how vulnerable and interconnected we are. Without international cooperation, effective safeguarding of plant genetic resources to secure the world’s food supply is simply […]

Agroforestry: An Opportunity for Youth and Drylands

24 Jun 2021

On the one hand, we have drylands. They constitute 60% of the African continent and, against common misconceptions, hold immense potential to sustain thriving and productive agricultural practices, including – but not limited to – agroforestry. On the other hand, we have youth. Young people are dynamic and innovative; have a high uptake of technological […]

Translating Global Processes into Action: Leveraging UN Food Systems Summit Solutions in the Restoration Decade

21 Jun 2021

This plenary sets the foundation for aligning the UN Decade on Ecosystems Restoration and the UN Food Systems Summit. Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded land is one of the focal areas for Action Track 3 “Boosting nature positive production”. Bringing together decision makers from African countries, farmers, scientists, civil society and donors, the plenary explores […]

Pierre Thiam – Fonio, the Miracle Grain [Sous-titres en Francais]

4 Jun 2021

In this bitesize inspirational session, chef and social entrepreneur Pierre Thiam invites you to take a seat at his table, and explore how Yolélé Foods’ innovative fonio products are creating sustainable and climate resilient livelihoods in West Africa.   Pierre Thiam – Fonio, le « grain miracle » Au cours de cette petite séance inspirante, […]

Stefan Schmitz – Seeding Resilience in Africa’s Drylands

3 Jun 2021

Crop Trust’s Stefan Schmitz shares his expertise on the rich crop diversity stored in African genebanks, and the great potential it offers for the future of agriculture and food security in Africa. Stefan Schmitz – Semer la résilience dans les terres arides d’Afrique Stefan Schmitz de Crop Trust partage son expertise sur la riche diversité […]

Stefan Schmitz on crop diversity

28 Nov 2020

Stefan Schmitz, Executive Director of the Crop Trust, explains why agrobiodiversity is integral to a food secure future.

Jennifer Morgan on environmental justice

27 Nov 2020

Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, explains why justice must be the guiding principle for planetary recovery.

Transformative change and the age of collective action

16 Nov 2020

Years from now, historians will be discussing the reality that we are living and the tomorrow that we are defining. But what will they call this time? The age of climate denial? The age of extinction? The age of disunity, disharmony and disparity? The story doesn’t have to pan out that way. If we’re smart, […]