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Climate change brings new pest & disease pressures previously unimaginable

5 Nov 2022

In temperate zones lie most of the world’s richest countries, which have also been up till now the world’s major breadbaskets, in meeting international grain, oilseed and livestock product needs.

Report launch: tree diversity key for food system resilience as climate changes

4 Nov 2022

(BONN, Germany, 4 November 2022) – We've long known that incorporating trees into food systems is beneficial for people, biodiversity, and climate. But what kinds of trees should we choose? 

Heading to Egypt: Voices and solutions from the frontline of the climate crisis

31 Oct 2022

What can we do now? Indigenous leaders, top scientists, leading politicians, and activists seek and provide answers at GLF Climate Conference alongside the most important climate conference of the year.

Reducing deforestation at scale through data innovation, finance, and global investment

28 Oct 2022

Introducing the business case for collective landscape action in priority landscapes of the Amazon Basin and Indonesia

TreesAdapt: A new platform to solve the world’s climate adaptation challenge with trees

26 Oct 2022

In a year marked by one climate disaster after another, the latest report by IPCC stresses the gravity of the present and expected impacts of climate change.

Call for Applications: Global Landscapes Forum Chapters in Africa (GLFx)

10 Oct 2022

The GLFx Initiative invites applications for funding and support from local organizations or grassroot intiatives that are leading action on the ground for the sustainability of Africa’s landscapes.

How to use the GLF Climate 2022 conference platform

6 Oct 2022

Your welcome guide to GLF Africa 2022On 15 September 2022, the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) will host Africa’s most diverse conference on food,

Integrating forests + food systems to feed our future

27 Sep 2022

At the upcoming digital forum, we’ll dive deep into how agriculture and forestry can provide crucial tools to support sustainable development and tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges

Bringing people virtually to Africa’s bushmeat hubs

16 Sep 2022

BONN, Germany (15 September 2022) – In the Congo Basin, over two million metric tonnes of wild meat – equivalent to tens of millions of individual animals – is harvested every year. 

Amid global climate and hunger crises, Africa is building a brighter food future

15 Sep 2022

Humanity is facing a climate emergency that is hitting Africa harder than anywhere else, even though the continent contributes just 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions.