Aka Niviana reads poem about climate change during BBC interview

27 Jun 2019

Photo credit: Aka Niviana speaks at Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany. GLF/Pilar Valbuena 

Listen to Interview with Aka Niviana on BBC Newsday at 43:05 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w172wpk8p3m7wzb

Aka Niviana, a poet and activist from Greenland attended the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany 22-23 June. She read poetry and shared stories about some of the threats her community faces from global warming.

In an interview on BBC Newsday after the conference, she read the poem, We Are the Future, in which she describes her fears about climate change.

“When will we realize there’s no time for us left to wait for a savior?

And when will we realize the savior we’re waiting for is us?

We are the hope for the future because we are the future,” the poem states.

During the interview, she spoke about how hunters in her community are taking up fishing because the ice is melting.

Learn more about Niviana here

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