Youth success stories on ‘food and livelihoods’

23 Mar 2020

Your work in a nutshell: Have you developed a project or carried out research on a topic related to food and livelihoods?

Increasing global food production to satisfy the demands of a growing population doesn’t need to put further stress on the globe’s natural resources and its biodiversity. Today, food production and agricultural systems are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, a major driver of deforestation, and the greatest threat to biodiversity. It’s time to transform this problem into an opportunity to achieve more secure and nutritious food.

Read the 2020 Info briefs on Food and Livelihoods:

Food sovereignty approach to enhance governance in protected areas

Casa Congo’s Centre of Agroecology


Last year, the Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) and the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) launched their first three youth infobriefs, which were centred on the theme of rights. In 2020, GLF will focus on the critical theme of food and livelihoods, and so will this year’s youth infobriefs. 

Read the 2019 Youth 4 Rights infobriefs:

The drivers of co-constructing collective trademarks to recognize and promote neglected crops in the global market, Federico Andreotti

Mainstreaming youth-led approaches in forestry, Mayumi Sato

Intersection of traditional knowledge and sustainable development, Shivika Aggrawal

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