GLF Social Media Ambassadors 2022: Announcing the next generation of GLF’s environmental influencers

17 Mar 2022

As global events clamor for our time, resources, and attention, the need to keep the conversation going about sustainable responses to the climate crisis is more urgent than ever. 

In that context, the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) has just announced its third yearly intake of social media ambassadors. The volunteer program is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 35, who will create, adapt, and share engaging content on the various topics discussed during GLF’s events and campaigns, through their own social media channels.

This year, GLF received 596 applications, up over 50% from last year’s call. Forty-one motivated young people – 25 women and 16 men – were selected to support the organization during all of its 2022 campaigns and events. The group collectively represents 26 countries and speaks 16 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesian, German, Dutch, Swahili, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Filipino, Arabic, Malay, Thai, and Bulgarian. 

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Each ambassador brings unique experience and concerns. “Working with sustainability and sustainable land use is my passion and mission,” said ambassador Natalia Ulhôa, a Brazilian environmental engineer. “Having grown up with the Amazon Forest in my backyard (literally), I understand why I have always wanted to work with sustainable change.”

The program offers its ambassadors important opportunities for professional development, networking, experience-gathering, relationship-building, visibility, and learning-by-doing. “By participating in the program, I will be better equipped in leadership and communication skills,” said Ben Rachad Sanoussi, a farmer and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocate from Benin. “It will also help me grow and be more productive for my community.”

As a virtual program that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, the ambassadorship offers educational and advocacy opportunities to young people in diverse locations and situations. “I am surviving scleroderma through an ongoing stem cell treatment,” said ambassador Farah Khaleck, a writer, speaker, and digital creator from Kenya. “As a differently-abled person, I will be able to gain valuable access to knowledge [through the program] and share my voice on a global platform.” 


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The ambassadors aim to inform, inspire, and mobilize young people in their own networks and contexts on sustainable landscapes. “Being a social media ambassador at GLF helps me expand my knowledge about the environment, help my studies, and influence people to take more care of our planet,” said ambassador Veronika Georgieva, an environmental sciences student from Bulgaria.

“The pandemic has shown us that people, animals and the environment are interconnected and, therefore, interdependent. If something happens to one of the pieces, the whole system will be affected,” said ambassador Andrea Lavarello, echoing the pillars of the One Health approach. “That is why professionals from all sectors have to work hand in hand to face these global challenges,” added the Peruvian veterinarian and MPH who is conducting research on the impact of climate change on the spread of animal diseases.

Make sure to follow the GLF Social Media Ambassadors on social media:

Bendjedid Rachad Sanoussi (Benin), Lucas Kauan (Brazil), Natalia Ulhôa (Brazil), Cândida Schaedler (Brazil), Veronika Georgieva (Bulgaria), Njoke-Tangwing Raisa Ngwenyi (Cameroon), Gabriela Chaves Wong (Costa Rica), Caleb Padilla (El Salvador), David Hermandez (Colombia), Abdul Mufeez Shaheed (Fiji), Katharina Beitz (Germany), Dunstan Guba (Ghana), Arnold Dela Azumah (Ghana), Tanvi (Thailand), Lina Dwi Lestari (Indonesia), Felicia Fransiska (Indonesia), Robberta Renuka Lazarus (Malaysia), Tayma´a  Hashem Abu Ayyash (Jordan), Lorenzo Sablay (Philippines), Irene Asuwa (Kenya), Farah Khaleck Chaudry (Kenya), Abigael Kiprono Kima (Kenya), Robin Ndungu (Kenya), Oluoch Odhiambo (Kenya), Claire Huang (Taiwan), Yewande Ademiluyi (Nigeria), Olumide Idowu (Nigeria), Inusa Ibrahim (Nigeria), Cristel Henriquez (Panama), Andrea Lavarello (Peru), Fernanda Galvez (Peru), Kelly Caichihua (Peru), Alokita Jha (India), Inês Chaby (Portugal), Mor Ndiaye (Senegal), Riza Annisa Anggraeni (Indonesia), Andre Dani Mawardhi (Indonesia), Jaya Setiawan Gulo (Indonesia), Asiimwe Mourine (Uganda), Eric Little (United States), Zildat Wahid (Tanzania).

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