GLF Youth Ambassador Program – Application #2: Duncan Chando (Kenya)

18 Nov 2017

Ignorance is NOT bliss

They say that change is inevitable and as the world continuously evolves, there is need for improved and strategic systems. It pains me when I see people burning and throwing garbage on the street or cutting down trees and building factories. Is it blind ignorance or don’t they know what their actions mean to the environment? All anyone cares about now is making money and more money not realizing the problem they are creating while they are busy paper chasing. Barack Obama once said, “What binds us together will always be more powerful than what drives us apart.” Global warming is a reality to each and every one of us. Maybe you are too busy trying to earn a living to take a moment and notice or it could be you have not been yet affected but it is a reality we cannot ignore anymore.

I believe in choice; we can choose to change our mindsets, we can choose to be aware of what is happening around us. To quote Rear Adm. Christopher Mossey, “It’s not about the platform – it’s about the people.” We need to realize that the environment will survive no matter what we do to it, but we won’t.

I care about making the world a better place and over the years I have continuously worked on myself to be in a position to bring positive impact. Working in civil society for the past seven years in the field of project management, community development, community media and human rights. Through my education in the field of Social work and development policy from University of Nairobi, KDI school of public policy and Management in South Korea and University of Lincoln in UK I have amassed in-depth understanding of my role in sustainable development.

Through my career and education I have learned that change starts with an individual action and is shaped by our daily behavior. This includes choices about the way we live, produce, consume and invest. Our decisions today can contribute to having enough clean water, better air, and healthier lifestyle so that ultimately we all live longer and productive lives. I believe there is a lot we can do to make a difference, from buying only what we need, using green appliances and energy-saving light bulbs, recycling paper and plastic to keep landfills from growing to simply creating awareness which is much easier with the help of social media. I particularly use Facebook and Twitter to share articles, photos and videos to give visibility to my previous work as well as pass on the message of taking care of our surroundings.

I hope to expand my knowledge by focusing on this academic course on SDGs. I am optimistic that my values, character, experience and skill sets have prepared me for your well-respected program. Apart from the sound academic foundation I have laid in my specialty, I am most proud of my practical ability to perform specific projects and apply management. Only the boldness of hope and successive achievements of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) can ensure the planet a common, bright, and sustainable future. In this regard, the involvement of youth in leading the SDGs is mandatory. My participation in this program is vital not in the in the context of race or gender but in exploring varied expertise that every individual brings to the table to make this world a better place.

At the heart of every sad story, there is a lesson. I want to understand this natural world, I want to secure a livable place for the next generation and I know too well that I cannot do it alone. I would like your help in bettering the world, cleaning the mess we have made and transforming it to a great place. I have faith that we can stand together and that this program is a step closer to achieving my dream. We hold the answers to our problem; we can bring clarity to this confusion. I have a dream that soon, I will walk down a calm clean street where everyone is helping each other, nations will be united and ages from all genders will be working together to make our world a better place. Will you help me make this dream a reality?


Name: Duncan Chando
Nationality: Kenyan
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
University: University of Lincoln
Mother tongue: Luo, Swahili
Other Languages: English and Basic French

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