GLF Youth Ambassador Program – Application #3: Mokbul Hossain (Bangladesh)

21 Nov 2017

Learn from Nature

I am Md Mokbul Hossain and from my childhood, I lived in a natural environment like village area. I love to stay with nature.

I grew up a remote village area in Northern part of the Bangladesh. I studied a primary school (grade1to 5) which was three Kilometers far away from my village. Every morning I used to help my father in the agricultural field before my school start. Every morning I used to carry food for my father who worked in the agricultural field. Then I come back in the house and went to the School.

My school is situated near a river. In the lunch break time, I used to play with my friend near the rivers. It was the daily routine in my childhood at the primary school level. I love to watch different birds which were usually come at the river and rivers bank. It was my unforgettable moment in my childhood.

When I was walking to the school, every time I counted how many trees are sides of the side up to school road and what the names of this different trees are. For me, it was one kind game and competition with my others friend. I learned to identify different birds and trees from my childhood. I thought to build up a good relation with nature and Keeping this goal in my mind; I thought of becoming a forester as well as a good biodiversity conservationist and joined in Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology from where I pursued my Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Environmental Science. Then I completed my Master program in Environmental Science.

After that, I joined as a Research Associate at the Arannayk Foundation. I worked basically on title restoration and conservation of biodiversity of the homestead agroforestry. How homestead agroforestry can play a vital role to conserve the biodiversity. I campaigned to the rural people for homestead plantation and agroforestry. It was an excellent experience to work with nature and rural people. This work was my driving force to pursue my higher study in abroad. Then I went to Norway, studied on Ecology and natural resources management. After completing my study, I return to my home country. I worked as an Ecologist and Biodiversity expert at the EQMS consulting Ltd. That was the great experience, how I was so close to nature. I used to calculate ecological impact of the project area, made Ecological Management Plan (EMP) for biodiversity conservation for different ESIA (Environmental Social Impact Assessment) study. I used different scientific methods to survey of different flora and fauna and calculate biodiversity index.

When I was working in this position, I captured different birds; animal and floral pictures, identified scientifically and sometimes I published in the Facebook online and campaign an awareness of these faunal and floral species.

My future dream to conserve biodiversity and sustainable environment at first my country but I would like to work globally. I will make awareness globally to protect the natural resources depletion.

I have extremely passion for biodiversity conservation and environmental management. I like to prefer to build up my career in this sector. I am here (Finland) to getting my higher study and to become an environmentalist. I would be nice to work as an environmental expert. I think people still have a lack of proper knowledge to understand the value of biodiversity. If the people get conscious about the biodiversity importance and at a time if they get alternative income sources for their daily livelihoods, then it’s possible to control hunting and exploited these natural resources.

We need helps from the government, NGO, s and different international organization to make good policy for sustainable management of the natural resources. Young generation also interested in these sectors but they need more employment opportunities.

Name, nationality and age: Md Mokbul Hossain, Bangladesh , 30
Gender: male
Country in which you currently live: Finland
Which organization you work for, or which university you study at: University of Eastern FinlandYour mother tongue: Bengali
other languages you are fluent in: English, Hindi

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