Join webinar on Monday 17 Nov & learn how to facilitate discussions

11 Nov 2014

Webinar: Tips and tricks for facilitating a discussion

Monday, 17 November

Starts 06:00 Peru time (12noon CET/18:00 Bangkok)



Fishbowls, river of life, knowledge expeditions…there are hundreds of different tools at a facilitator’s disposal. So how do you decide which one to use that will help participants achieve the discussion’s objectives?

Through the use of practical examples, this webinar will take you through the decision making process of choosing the right tool for your discussion. We’ll also run through some of the golden rules of facilitating a discussion as well as some common mistakes and how to avoid them. Take a look at this blogpost on ‘how to be a great facilitator’ to prepare you before the webinar!

The skills taught in this webinar will be built upon and put into practice during the Facilitation Masterclass on December 5th in Lima, Peru.

About the Trainers:

  • Harlem Mariño is a graduate in Environmental Public Policy, with experience in working with rural and indigenous communities in the planning and implementation of information networks, workshops and early warning systems, in the Peruvian Amazon region particularly. She has specific knowledge in environmental monitoring and climate change, environmental conflict management and legislation.
  • Javier Baca describes himself as a ‘communicologist for development’ and psychoanalyst. He has 14 years of experience in facilitation, particularly in social conflicts and is currently a professor at Universidad de Lima in communications for development and radio journalism. Javier has designed and implemented communication strategies for NGOs, corporations and governmental institutions to promote health, environmental and human rights projects. He is also an ex hospital clown and amateur boxer.
marina cherbonnier
  • Marina Cherbonnier is YPARD’s Web and Communications manager (Young Professionals for Agricultural Development), coordinates the activities of the network with arms in many countries, and has experience in facilitation of youth engagement in the agriculture and landscapes sectors.

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