Local and global communities join forces in 2023 for Latin America’s forests

12 Jan 2023
CIFOR-ICRAF’s peatlands workshop in Peru. Photo by Junior Raborg.


The year begins with investment in biodiversity from Central America to Patagonia–impacting local economies–through the Global Landscapes Forum’s new GLFx chapters

BONN, Germany (12 January 2023) – The new GLFx chapters, launched today by the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) during its Landscape Restoration Week with the support of the Lavazza Foundation and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU), will strengthen rural communities, forests, and biodiversity in Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru throughout 2023.

With technical accompaniment and a seed funding of 5000 euros per chapter offered by the GLFx initiative, these groups will work with local communities, academia, and public and private sector actors, nationally and internationally. They will impact the Amazon, Patagonia, and Indigenous lands and conservation areas in Central America:

GLFx chapter in Argentina. Agroecology teachers and students from the National University of Río Negro will restore Andean forests in El Bolsón, in the Argentinean Patagonia, affected by the fires of the summer of 2021. They will create a nursery of native plants, reforest, diversify local crops, and facilitate environmental education. “We are contributing to the community’s resilience and its biodiversity to future scenarios associated with global warming,” explained the chapter team.

GLFx chapter in Costa Rica. Diwo Ambiental will promote the exchange of knowledge on ancestral environmental practices with the indigenous communities of Brunca in the country’s southeast. It will prioritize indigenous women and strengthen restoration capacities to mitigate and adapt to climate change, food insecurity, and unemployment. “Central America is one of the regions most affected by the climate crisis, making it an area of extreme drought and aridity in the future,” the Diwo Ambiental team pointed out.

GLFx chapter in El Salvador. The Tacuzcalco Foundation will implement a biological corridor to increase the forest cover in Los Cobanos Conservation Area and benefit cultivated areas and riparian forests. It will also respond to the needs of fire prevention and caring for biodiversity affected by agrochemicals. “We are committed to developing opportunities for communities, promoting biodiversity as a livelihood,” expressed Ernesto Paredes, coordinator of the GLFx chapter in El Salvador and member of the Tacuzcalco Foundation.

GLFx chapter in Peru. Focused on the Tambopata National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon, the organization Camino Verde will lead the restoration of forests and native species, develop productive regenerative agroforestry systems, and manage a living seed bank including more than 400 native tree species. “We want to demonstrate what can be achieved when creativity is put at the service of love for the rainforest,” said the Camino Verde team.

GLFx South Coast Guatemala chapterCreated in 2022, it renewed its commitment to the GLFx initiative in 2023, receiving seed funding of 5000 euros to continue promoting the activities of the South Coast Restoration Network. It will encourage the exchange of experiences at regional and global levels and the restoration of riparian forests and mangroves.



For more information and/or request interviews, please contact Kelly Quintero (k.quintero@cgiar.org).

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