Meet the Innovative Landscape Leaders attending Youth in Landscapes Camp and GLF Accra 2019

29 Aug 2019

After receiving and reviewing more than 400 applications from the passionate young people around the world, 32 people have been selected for participating in the first-ever ‘Youth in Landscapes Camp’ as well as GLF Accra, 2019.

We are very grateful for everyone who applied but unfortunately, we only have a capacity to invite 32 people on site. However,  don’t worry, you can reduce your carbon footprint and comfortably participate online!  Find more information on how to join online here.

Curious to meet the top eight applicants, who will be fully sponsored along with 24 wonderful changemakers representing youths during Youth in Landscapes camp as well as GLF Accra 2019?

Read more about them and their landscape below.

Johnmary Kavuma

My call is to uplift the lives of marginalized groups of people while conserving the environment from hazards.

Johnmary is Ugandan young social change maker, entrepreneur, mentor and environmentalist developing social businesses that promote poverty alleviation, environmental protection and inclusion of people with disability. He is the founder of Upcycle Africa, which transforms the waste crisis in Africa into employment opportunities for marginalized groups of people.

Roniance Adhiambo

Social and economic development depends on the Natural Environment.

Roniance is an Environmental Conservationist and Sustainability Expert with a special focus on Sustainability tools and mechanisms for productive wildlife landscapes. She is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy, University of Nairobi.

Maria Esther Caballero Espejo

“There is an urgency to solve climate crisis especially in developing societies because they are the ones being extremely affected right now.”

Marie Esther is a climate scientist specialized in climate change, ecosystem-based adaptation and disaster risk reduction management. Maria is particularly interested in capacities’ development of rural communities settled in mountain ecosystems.

Yoandy Medina

I seek to empower myself of methodological tools and political technologies to transfer them in the concrete networks of climatic action.

Yoandy was born in the marginal area of Venezuela but he was able to travel through many scenarios and landscapes that nurtured his experience and widened his horizons. He thought of building a better future ahead of a better career so he engaged himself as a student of anthropology school and then to an organization which aims to contribute to the self-determination of people for food sovereignty.

Yapeng Ou

I need to integrate my research into the correlation between landscape and development with local insights from Africa, which deserves more academic attention.

Currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Ou holds a Ph.D. in Urban Regeneration and Economic Development and Erasmus Mundus Master in Cultural Landscapes Management. He has authored/co-authored 19 papers and book chapters on cultural heritage and local development.

Rabia Noor

“Being a media professional, I love to produce stories on climate change and gender issues, for the betterment of landscapes.”

Rabia Noor is an international award winning broadcast journalist, writer and video blogger based in Lahore, Pakistan. She has achieved inaugural Jamal Khashoggi Award for Courageous Journalism. She is among the five recipients of the award around the globe and the only Asian journalist who has been recognized internationally for this award.

Youstina Azer

“We need to get together to participate and interact to protect our beautiful continent from degradation.

Youstina is from Egypt and currently living in Hungary where she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Eötvös Loránd University.

Pragyan Raj Pokhrel

“Asking the people in the global south by the people of global north to stop cutting down trees may be like asking them to starve.”

Pragyan is a young forester from Nepal currently pursuing his double degree in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) from Bangor University, UK and TU Dresden, Germany. His interests are in community forestry and community based forest enterprises. He is an avid photographer and videographer as well.

Meet the rest of the participants invited to the YIL camp and GLF Accra.

Hashaam Syed. Pakistan

Isaac Ntori. Ghana

Otuo-Akyampong Boakye. Ghana

Krishnee Adnarain Appadoo. Mauritius

Kapanda Phiri. South Africa

Aissatou Oumar Magra Avaramla. Cameroon

Charles Chapman. Australia

Samuel Adeyanju. Nigeria

Ifechukwude Ojeme. Nigeria

Ali Baba Dawuda. Ghana

Olupot Joseph. Uganda

Alpha Habib Bangura. Sierra Leona

Adetula Olaoluwa. Nigeria

Adetomi Adekoya. Nigeria

Hamza Shaibu. Nigeria

Eric Mensah. Ghana

Christina Egerstrom. Mexico

Femke Deker. Nethelands

Diana Kishiki. Kenya

Rael Adhiambo. Kenya

Dimana Shishkova. Bulgaria

Conor Dolan. Ireland

Christabell Muchira. Kenya

Adebola Adedugbe. Nigeria






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