GLF Youth Catalyst Application #7 – Maria del Mar Moure Peña (Mexico)

29 Nov 2017

Maria del Mar Moure Peña, 28, Mexico

Program of Study: Environmental Risks and Human Security, Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation)

“I have been involved in the Development field from three sides: on the beneficiaries’ end, by being born and raised in a community development project; in the practitioners side, working in CCA in Nicaragua and Food Security in Mexico and West Africa; and from the academic side in my graduate studies.

I have seen failures and stumbling work, but also experimented life-changing experiences and much hope. With this hope, I would like to join efforts in the unprecedented effort of GLF and be part of the billion people changing the world!” 

**One of the top 10 submissions from our International Students’ Day Special Access Offer**


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