GLF Youth Catalyst Application #8 – Luca Körner (Germany)

29 Nov 2017

Luca Körner, 24, Germany

Program of Study: Natural Resource Management, University of Applied Sciences Cologne

“Humanity’s dependence on natural resources, extracted and harvested from the landscape that surrounds us, is one of the most influential factors that shapes our societies.

This fact became even more obvious to me when I visited Lake Urmia in Iran, where I witnessed first-hand the severe effects that a non-sustainable management of our landscapes can have on the environment, the economy and society – the once largest lake in the Middle East has now become a salt desert.

I want to attend the GLF 2017 because it holds the opportunity to meet people from around the world that share the same dedication to take on the pressing challenge of developing new solutions for sustainable land use. I would love to contribute to the international and intercultural environment at GLF 2017 to jointly tackle today’s challenges in the international context in which they must be addressed in.”

**One of the top 10 submissions from our International Students’ Day Special Access Offer**

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