GLF Youth Catalyst Application #9- Gabriela Huidobro Jauregui (Colombia)

29 Nov 2017

Gabriela Huidobro Jauregui, Age 28, Colombia

Program of Study: Tropical Forestry

“When I got the invitation to participate in the forum the first question I made to my self was: why am I interested in participating in the GLF? Then I thought that it would be a wonderful and invaluable experience, filled with many lessons and sharing spaces of information.

And yes, this experience would be also part of the future where I see my self sharing, not only my passion about forests, but my own work and research.

The interaction with people and many organizations that are pursuing the same goals is a meaningful contribution to the world we live in, where we never stop growing and learning and where the participation of many different actors is needed to achieve the coordination between the parts.

The dialogue is an open communication channel that would aloud a consensus for a change.

**One of the top 10 submissions from our International Students’ Day Special Access Offer**

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