GLF Youth Catalyst Application #10 – Cian Dalgish (United Kingdom)

29 Nov 2017

Cian Dalglish, Age 25, United Kingdom

Program of Study: MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development, University College London

“I think the GLF sounds absolutely fascinating, and would be an incredible opportunity to get some current insights on the cutting edge of sustainable land use and conservation initiatives worldwide.

These are topics that I have delved into in my Master’s program – I have a particular interest in locally-driven initiatives and a decentralisation of power and policies – and I would absolutely love to come and hear current talks, interact with people who are currently involved in this sort of work, and generally get a more hands-on insight into areas that so far I have only read about!

It would be a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, but also to meet a far broader range of actors than I am likely to encounter in a university setting – people who are actually out there enacting change, people and institutions in positions of power and influence.

Please accept me!”

**One of the top 10 submissions from our International Students’ Day Special Access Offer**

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