Social activist Tatiana Paola Posso shot dead in Colombia

6 Jul 2019

Photo credit: Social activist Tatiana Paola Posso via Justice for Colombia.

Tatiana Paola Posso, a social activist, was murdered on Wednesday in Colombia by assassins on a motorbike in the town of El Copey, in the province of Cesar, according to reports.

Tatiana, 35, was politically active in the Colombia Justa Libres party and had previously worked as a security guard, the British-Irish human and labor rights organization Justice for Colombia stated.

Tatiana’s husband Alfredo Fontalvo, was murdered in his workplace nine months ago, the group said.

Since a peace agreement with the country’s former rebel army the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) was signed in 2016, 728 activists have been killed in Colombia, according to Venezuela’s Telesur television network.  Afro-Colombian and Indigenous rights activists, and rural farmers advocating for land and political rights are the main focus of attacks.

“Posso Espitia was a social leader who was committed to humanitarian aid for vulnerable people and victims of the internal armed conflict that Colombia continues to suffer,” said the National Network of Democracy and Peace.

Half of 983 attacks and threats reported by Colombia’s ombudsman Carlos Negret  made against activists between March 2018 and May 2019 targeted women.

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