Unlocking funding success: Insights for project developers & restoration initiatives

Who is this guide for?


An indispensable guide to launch your funding journey and create a meaningful impact, specifically crafted for practitioners and professionals. This guide delivers crucial tips and insights sourced from GLF’s dynamic community and Luxembourg partners. Featuring a compelling case study from the Taniala Regenerative Camp in Madagascar, a community-based solution providing ground-level insights to enrich your learning experience.


Tips from GLF’s community


  • Dedicated fundraising staff: Learn how dedicating staff to fundraising efforts and improving financial disclosure can enhance your competitiveness in funding applications. Consider investing in staff training.
  • Financial stability and resilience: Discover strategies for building financial stability, such as income-generating activities and diverse funding avenues. Explore the possibility of applying for awards/prizes as an alternative funding source.
  • Team capacity building: Strengthen your team’s capacity to identify resources by learning about different types of funding instruments. Develop the skills to identify resources most relevant to your project, create a budget plan, and determine the ideal funding size and type for your organization.


Tips from GLF-Luxebourg partners


  • Aligning with donor objectives: When researching financial support for a project, understand the donor’s intentionality. Tailor your project proposal to match the preferences of the specific donor. Engage in open discussions to co-design a project that resonates with the donor’s interests.
  • Networking at events: discover the importance of attending events to network with potential donors and build relationships that can support your projects.


Get insights from the ground


Be inspired by the success story of Taniala Regenerative Camp, located in Madagascar’s Menabe Region, is dedicated to restoring degraded land. Despite language barriers and a small team, they received an award in 2023 and won the Lush Spring Prize for soil restoration.

Now, their focus is on securing funding for full-time operations, expanding their team’s language skills, and seeking grants and awards for infrastructure development and village base camps.


Taniara Restoration Camp with Tahina Roland. Photo Creadit: Tahina Roland.

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Publisher: The GLF-Luxembourg Platform

Language: English

Year: 2024

Ecosystem(s): Forests

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