About GLF Africa 2022


GLF Africa 2022: How to build an equitable, resilient food future brought together over 8,500 participants from 122 countries and featured 182 leading scientists, activists, Indigenous leaders, financiers, youth and government leaders, and 68 incredible partners to explore African solutions to the global food crisis caused by climate changeCOVID-19 and the war in Ukraine

Across 31 plenaries, interactive sessions, launches, virtual tours, dialogues, performances, and a job fair, the digital conference explored ways to transform the future of food through healthy landscapes, equitable access to land, and shorter, greener value chains. Messages spread on social media rallied 26 million people around concrete ways for Africa to regain its food sovereignty.


Growing an alliance of Kenyan urbanites to create regenerative urban food systems


Shambajijini Summit is a growing collective of regenerative-urban-farming-enthusiast farmers and gardeners, chefs, suppliers, musicians, artists, researchers, and trainers. They believe in the power of regenerative urban agriculture to transform food systems in Kenya.

In this session, speakers explore ways to connect with like-minded urbanites and provide opportunities to take action: advocacy, knowledge sharing and education, and producer-consumer communications. For the Shambajijini urban farming collective, feeling connected to others is key to creating more just and regenerative food systems and societies.


Speaking with one voice: growing an alliance to regenerative urban food systems

Language: English

Year: 2022

Ecosystem(s): Agricultural Land

Location(s): Africa, Kenya

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