#GLFLive World Health Day Q&A With Kate Jones And Thomas Gillespie

19 Mar 2021

On World Health Day 2020, Landscape News editor Gabrielle Lipton spoke with the head of the Gillespie Lab and Emory University associate professor Thomas Gillespie and University College London professor Kate Jones. The discussion focused on the emergence and spread of disease among wildlife and how human impact on land-use and biodiversity can lead to […]

#GLFLive Q&A With Charlotte Streck

2 Mar 2021

The GLF Live series began on 2 April 2020 with Landscape News editor Gabrielle Lipton in conversation with Charlotte Streck, co-founder and director of global think tank Climate Focus. The discussion covered reactions from the private sector, accountability for continued climate action from corporations, a climate organization’s life during lockdown and the meaning of a […]

Our food system, is it sustainable?

5 Jun 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed flaws in our global food system, demonstrating how vulnerable it is to unexpected shocks. While there is an emphasis on the production of food staples, including wheat, maize and rice, to meet basic food security needs, in many regions there is a lack of nutrient-rich foods, leading to malnutrition. Amy […]

Women farmers, the unsung heroes

16 Mar 2020

In our very first episode that coincides with International Women’s Day, we highlight the lives of the world’s invisible heroes: women farmers who feed the world. Our guests Houria Djoudi, CIFOR Senior Scientist, Sustainable Landscape and Livelihood team, and Ana Maria Paez-Valencia, ICRAF Scientist on Gender Unit, share their insights on the roles of women […]

How to catalyze gender equitable change

16 Dec 2019

Markus Ihalainen, CIFOR’s Senior Research and Engagement Officer explores some of the challenges women face in climate action efforts. This podcast was recorded at the U.N COP 25 climate talks in Madrid.

Gender power relationships

16 Dec 2019

Houria Hjoudi, a senior scientist at CIFOR, discusses transformative change in relation to gender. This podcast was recorded at the U.N COP 25 climate talks in Madrid.

Role of data in Nationally Determined Contributions

16 Dec 2019

Thuy Pham, a CIFOR scientist, shares hers perspectives on data in forestry science. This podcast was recorded at the U.N COP 25 climate talks in Madrid.

Agroforestry for farmers’ livelihoods and ecosystem services

11 Dec 2019

Lalisa Duguma, Senior Scientist Sustainable Landscapes and Resilience with World Agroforestry (ICRAF), explains the multiple benefits that trees on farms – agroforestry – provides to farmers facing the challenges of climate change.

Agroforestry for the NDCs

11 Dec 2019

Peter Akong Minang, Principal Science Advisor with World Agroforestry (ICRAF), explains the contribution of agroforestry – trees on farms – to countries’ nationally determined contributions and to farmers’ livelihoods and the health of the planet.

NDCs and monitoring

11 Dec 2019

CIFOR’s Christopher Martius, principal scientist and hub leader for CIFOR’s Bonn office, discusses how countries can make stronger nationally determined contributions (NDCs) as well as challenges for monitoring progress on forests and landscapes.