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Listen back to the discussion: How can sustainable forestry help us meet our climate, restoration and biodiversity goals?

14 Dec 2022

Forests cover about 30% of the earth’s land mass and host about 80% of the world’s biodiversity. They provide subsistence, employment opportunities and income to a quarter of the world’s population.

7 young changemakers restoring the Earth

8 Dec 2022

The Youth in Landscapes Initiative and the Global Landscapes Forum announce the 2023 Restoration Stewards, representing Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America

As sixth mass extinction accelerates, time to invest in nature

30 Nov 2022

BONN, Germany (29 November 2022) – The Earth is undergoing a mass extinction for the first time since the dinosaurs died out 66 million years ago.

Become a GLF Social Media Ambassador for 2023!

25 Nov 2022

Amplify your voice and connect with top organizations through this unique volunteer program.

The Business Case to drive investment, reduce deforestation and protect biodiversity

21 Nov 2022

The Business Case for Collective Landscape Action (Business Case) initiative, supported by USAID, in partnership with Rainforest Alliance, CDP, Clarmondial and Conservation International, was presented by their representatives during the GLF Climate conference, alongside COP27 on Friday, 11 November.

Tree diversity serves livelihoods and food security in a changing climate – yet it is seriously threatened

15 Nov 2022

Though several tree-planting initiatives are in place, there is a need for guidance and further funding.

Investors and development institutions urged to adopt new Land Rights Standard to reach climate goals

15 Nov 2022

As global recognition of the planet’s climate emergency comes to a head at the UNCCC(COP27), it’s increasingly clear that protecting and restoring Earth’s forests and landscapes must include securing the rights of the local peoples that inhabit and safeguarding them.

Practical solution to the climate crisis: New platform set to scaffold tree-based climate adaptation

12 Nov 2022

As climate change impacts ripple across the globe, forests and tree-based systems offer both a major way for adaptation – and a critical mitigation opportunity. Channeling this potential aligns well with international priorities: COP27’s Presidency just launched an Adaptation Agenda to build climate resilience for four billion people living in the most climate-vulnerable communities by 2030.

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Too late to prevent climate change – Experts share what we can do instead

11 Nov 2022

The climate crisis is here – and its impacts, from wildfires to floods and heatwaves, are already being felt in all corners of the globe.

Launch: New Land Rights Standard sets bar for protecting landscapes – and the people who have rights to them

8 Nov 2022

As the world's governments grapple with the pressing, intertwined challenges of the climate crisis, food insecurity, and biodiversity loss, it's increasingly clear that protecting and restoring the world’s forests and landscapes must include securing the rights of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs), local communities (LCs), and Afro-descendant Peoples (ADPs) who inhabit these areas.