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In Ethiopia, jobs might grow on trees

10 Oct 2015

Industrial timber plantations could provide a way for Ethiopia to reduce rural unemployment and conserve natural forests. Work on a timber plantation in Ethiopia is tough, with low wages, poor conditions and little security – but at least it’s a living. And in a country with high demand for wood products and widespread rural poverty […]

Launched at 2014 Global Landscapes Forum: Massive land restoration initative starts now

3 Mar 2015

Representatives of International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), the World Resources Institute (WRI), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE), and Permian Global met in Colombia last month to start the implementation of the so-called 20×20 land restoration initative. The Initiative itself was launched during […]

Setting the stage for the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum

12 Jan 2015

The 2015 Global Landscapes Forum is confirmed to take place during the mid-weekend of UNFCCC COP21, from 5-6 December. Convened at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the Forum offers broad opportunities for engagement. Individuals and organizations iactive in land use research, management or related sectors such as agriculture, forestry, energy and water are invited […]

Global Landscapes Forum in blogs and news

17 Dec 2014

See below a selection of some of the blogs and ne ws articles that attendants of the 2014 Global Landscapes Forum published on other websites. We will continue to collect voices from the Forum for Climate Change Creates New Geography of Food By Fabiola Ortíz, IPS (Tierramérica) The magnitude of the climate changes brought about […]

Winners of Global Landscapes Forum infographic competition

12 Dec 2014

The challenge was demanding, but many excellent professionals accepted it: create an infographic that depicts landscape approaches: what they are and why they are needed. While we received many high quality entries, the jury decided to recognize designs created specifically in response to our call. The winning entry was created by Jessica Webb, Celine Jialing […]

Key outcomes: The Global Landscapes Forum youth session

11 Dec 2014

Key outcomes The youth session During The second Global Landscapes Forum on the sidelines of UNFCCC COP20 6 December, 2014 Lima, Peru    “I’m tired of hearing the young generation are the future. Why? Because it implies that group is marginal. We tend to be involved in these decision-making processes because youth is ‘colorful,’ […]

Thomson Reuters Foundation highlights Global Landscapes Forum

8 Dec 2014

The Thomson Reuters Foundation has dedication a whole section of its reporting to the Global Landscapes Forum. Articles feature: Better Policy, Finance Needed To Balance Forests And Farming, by Megan Rowling (also picked up by the Huffington Post) Latin American nations launch 2020 land restoration plan, by Megan Rowling Latam countries launch plan to store […]

Join webinar on Wed 26 Nov & learn what landscape approaches are

11 Nov 2014

Webinar: What are landscape approaches? Starts 09:00 Bangkok time on Wed November 26 (21:00 Peru on Tuesday Nov 25) REGISTER NOW   You may have heard the term “landscapes approach” being increasingly used in discussions about sustainably managing land in the context of a changing climate. But what is it; why is it important for sustainable agriculture, food security, […]

Join webinar on Monday 17 Nov & learn how to facilitate discussions

11 Nov 2014

Webinar: Tips and tricks for facilitating a discussion Monday, 17 November Starts 06:00 Peru time (12noon CET/18:00 Bangkok)   REGISTER NOW Fishbowls, river of life, knowledge expeditions…there are hundreds of different tools at a facilitator’s disposal. So how do you decide which one to use that will help participants achieve the discussion’s objectives? Through the use […]

Join webinar on Fri Nov 14 & learn how to “pitch an idea”

10 Nov 2014

Webinar: The art of pitching Friday November 14 Starts 08:00 Peru time (2pm CET/8pm Bangkok)   REGISTER NOW We’re given few opportunities to be heard, and even less time. Whether it be during coffee breaks, interviews, comments during a conference session, presentation slots, or passing someone on the street – we need to be prepared to […]