GLF Youth Ambassador Application #23: Salman Khan (Pakistan)

1 Dec 2017

My name is Salman Khan I am passionate about the future of Agriculture and Landscape in Pakistan, and I am more interested in how Youth can play an important role in sustainable development.

Basically I belong to Peshawar, capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa province in Pakistan. Peshawar is consider to be one of the beautiful cities in Pakistan. Unfortunately my father died when I was 6 years old therefore I grew up with my mother in Peshawar. The tragedy in my life brought some big challenges while on other side it has given me an opportunity to be independent. One big reason was to take care of our agriculture land and to learn more about it.

Furthermore I couldn’t get good primary and secondary education due to poor financial condition of my family. After the death of my father, it will difficult to maintain soft side of my life but on the other side I got an opportunity to get free time and take care of cultivated agricultural land. It was a bit difficult to manage both I.e. education and farming at once. Some time I had to take off from the school to discuss matters with other farmers and to manage financial benefits from the land. Through my family daily expenditure and income was based on the financial output from the land. I really took interest in farming and its related financial terms.

During my childhood, by availing the opportunities, I have learnt the importance of agriculture land and saw practically how to irrigate our land, how to store crops in the warehouse and how to maintain the warehouse and the most important aspect of it how to market it and link it to the market.
I am a student of Master of Public Policy and Good Governance, DAAD scholarship holder at the University of Passau, Germany. I might have find a career as a policy maker or an executive member of any organization but I have clear passion about farming. I was consider to be an achiever in farming and land management based on my past experience, benchmarking from other farmers and adopting best practices and utilizing them in my community and village.

The reason for taking interest in farming, I am taking Micro Development Economics, from the agriculture point of view and other related core subjects at the University of Passau. Through they are not directly in my curriculum but my passion for agriculture and farming brought me in.
My interest is to bring sustainable development through agriculture and farming in Pakistan and then throughout the globe. Based on having a good command how to utilize internet, and know how to access to social media, I am confident I can take the challenge and contribute to the Global Landscapes Forum Vision.

But it is not enough, therefore I would love to take part in the Forum and learn exactly how can social media can be expend more to the sustainable development in the future. The only problem I believe we are facing specially in my city (Peshawar) is that farmers are using old methods and techniques for farming and they have only limited access to the new methods of farming. I believe by participating in the Global Landscapes Forum, I will be able to contribute actively to bring the farmers from my village to the national level or to some extent at the international level. So not only bring them to the competent level but also to help them to access to the social media.
Furthermore, I am very passionate to help the farmers, belong to my village and community to wider their access to the local, national and international market and to help them adapting new agriculture methods.

Name: Salman Khan
Age 28
Nationality: Pakistani
Gender: Male
Currently living in Passau, Germany
Currently Studying in University of Passau, Germany
Mother Tongue: Pushto
Other Languages: English (Very fluent), Deutsch (B1) and Urdu

Image: Our almost 95% of our village cultivated land with the population of 25399, is based on this water pipeline

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