In this session, we demonstrate integrated territorial management as a way to address the conservation challenges of the Amazon. How the implementation of practical actions in the field by Marfrig and its partners have contributed to common development. We believe that the preservation of the Amazon is an urgent issue that requires the mobilization of the entire society. And that is our commitment. We will have the opportunity to show the world what Marfrig’s strategy is and with whom we partner to make the necessary change in the Brazilian livestock chain happen.

The Realities of Meat Production: From Smallholder Producers to Consumers

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)

Language: English

Year: 2021

Ecosystem(s): Forests, Agricultural Land

Location(s): Latin America

  • Marfrig Global Foods

  • Leila Harfuch

    Coordenadora técnica, Modelo Brasileiro de Uso da Terra (BLUM)

  • Rosana Jatobá

    Colunista de Sustentabilidade, G1

  • Alexandre Kossoy

    Especialista Financeiro, Banco Mundial

  • Daniela Mariuzo

    General Director, IDH Brazil

  • Paulo Pianez

    Diretor de Sustentabilidade e Comunicação, Marfrig Global Foods

  • Fernando Sampaio

    Diretor Executivo, Estratégia Produzir, Conservar, Incluir, Brasil

  • Luana Maia

    Diretora de Operações & Planejamento Estratégico Director of Operations & Strategic Planning, CEBDS

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