Forests, market and demand infographic - Measuring Progress

Forests, markets and demand

11 Oct 2017

Provided by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Courtesy of: WBCSD forest solutions

hands present vegetable - Measuring Progress

Open data’s contribution to better research for development: The example of RTBMap

11 Oct 2017

Originally published at CIAT blogs RTBMaps is a flagship online atlas developed by the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) that provides all sorts of geographic information on RTB crops worldwide for the benefit of the research and development community. RTBMaps just received the ComputerWorld 2014 Data+ Editors’ Choice Award for its innovative use of big data […]

Looking at initiatives: Integrated landscapes in Latin America and the Caribbean

16 Apr 2015

Reference: Ursin, E. & Fillion, E. (2015). The Current State of Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. EcoAgriculture Partners.