Land sector simulation - Rights

Power and political interest pervade Peru’s land sector

11 Oct 2017

By Michelle Kovacevic, originally published at Forests Climate Change Madre de Dios, a region of Peru best known for its gold fever, is not the only place in the country where a piece of land can be classified as a mining concession and farmer’s field at the same time. Millions of hectares of land in Peru are […]

Land management infographic - Rights

Infographic: Land Management in Central Mexico – Why do we need Landscape Approaches to land management

11 Oct 2017

Reference: Madrid, L., & Deschamps, P. (2014). The role of local communities in achieving sustainable rural landscape management. Lessons from Central Mexico. European Tropical Forest Research Network, (56).  

For peat’s sake: The facts

11 Oct 2017

Peat is made up of partly decomposed vegetation and is formed over centuries in anaerobic, waterlogged conditions. Peat has been on our planet for around 360 million years.